April 10, 2018

Skin Transformation Series (which foods to increase)

In a previous post I shared ideas on what to avoid or limit, but this week's post is a lot more fun to implement. This week's post focuses on what we can add or increase to our diet to create healthy & radiant skin using a truly integrative approach. While topical products help, looking at the health of your skin from the inside out can really help you achieve beautiful & luminous skin for good. Not only that, you will find an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing – increased energy and vitality felt from the inside out!

Which foods to increase: 

  • Ginger: One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to decrease inflammation, eliminate toxins from the body and supercharge it with antioxidants is with this superfood. Simple ways to add ginger to your diet include juicing it or simply drinking ginger tea.
  • Turmeric root: This superfood is also excellent for reducing inflammation while helping the body eliminate toxins effectively. Simple ways to add this powerhouse to your diet include adding the spice form to your meals whenever possible. It tastes great sprinkled on eggs as well as soups and various rice dishes.
  • Aloe Vera: This superfood is excellent to apply topically as it is full of anti-inflammatory properties that help sooth dry, flaky or burned skin but is also very healthful when taken internally due to high content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. The Facial Toning Elixir contains premium grade aloe vera, which makes it unique to other natural toners on the market.
  • Burdock Root: Can be purchased as a whole food or in a tincture form. This lovely root is excellent for skin health as it can treat abscesses, acne, psoriasis and eczema. It also increases circulation to the skin, helping to detoxify the tissues.
  • Coconut Oil: This miracle oil is excellent to apply topically as it is full of anti-aging, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties but is also very healthful when taken internally. Easy ways to incorporate this oil into your diet include adding a 1/2 tsp into your morning coffee, using it as your primary cooking oil and also substituting in recipes for butter or fat.
  • Cacao: Super high in zinc which is one of the most important essential minerals you can give your skin. Insufficient zinc leads to tired and drab looking skin, while adequate zinc ensures optimal wound healing, protection against UV radiation & a reduction in acne.

Hope some of this information helps and if you are curious to explore more non-toxic and healthy facial products, please click here to see BODYCHERISH's Facial Ritual Collection.

January 05, 2018

Skin Transformation Series (which foods to decrease)

Creating healthy & radiant skin requires a truly integrative approach. While topical products help, looking at the health of your skin from the inside out can really help you achieve beautiful & luminous skin for good. In this post I will share helpful, step by step guidance that will empower you to create the skin you have always desired and deserve. The best part about the steps is that they are mostly free! No expensive drugstore purchase of products is needed. As you read along, keep in mind that for changes to be sustainable they have to be gradual and you have to understand the reasons behind W H Y you are making the changes. Once we have a better understanding of what helps or harms the body, our skin, and our overall health, we become more and more inspired to continue along our new path to radiance.

Then, before you know it, you will start seeing results. You will start to see a glowing, clear and youthful complexion. Not only that, you will find an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing – increased energy and vitality felt from the inside out!  

Skin Transformation: which foods to limit to enhance health

The truth is that what you eat affects not only how you look and the radiance of your skin, but also how you feel. It can do wonders for your skin if you avoid chemically processed, genetically modified or any foods that trigger an inflammatory response in the body. Chronic inflammation is a precursor to wrinkles, blemishes and redness in the skin, so a diet filled with anti-inflammatory foods strongly supports skin health.

  • Casein (found in cow milk): Dairy products made from cow liquids contain a main protein known as casein, which can lead to an inflammatory response in the body; especially to those that are sensitive to it. Without a doubt, I was one of them and never even knew it. In fact, my whole life I gobbled up cheese at every chance I got. Little did I know it was my protein rich cottage cheese and yogurt (cow derived) that were causing my skin so much grief (cystic acne, eczema patches, itchy skin, keratosis pilaris and hives). Please note that sensitivities to casein will vary and will not be the same for everyone. In next Sunday's blog post will share healthy, protein and calcium rich alternatives to cow liquids.
  • Processed Meats & Nitrates: These are full of harmful toxins and preservatives that can lead to allergic reactions (rashes & hives), amongst other skin and general health ailments. You're best to steer clear. Next Sunday's blog post will share plant based protein rich alternatives to cows, pigs & chickens.
  • Processed Sugar: Processed sugar can also be called things like high fructose corn syrup, white sugar, dextrose, fructose or anything that ends with the word syrup. I know… it is tough to avoid this ingredient as it is in almost everything these days but the truth is that it increases chances of breakouts, cellulite and more. This is because sugar messes with our hormones, blood sugar and the immune system, and can even steal nutrients and hydration from our skin. Next Sunday's blog post will share healthy sugar alternatives, including my favourites (honey and organic coconut palm sugar).
  • Sugar Substitutes:  The most detrimental choice you can make regarding a sugar is by picking a substitute that is marketed as "sugar free" or zero calories. These are made with Sucralose or Aspartame (also known as AminoSweet after rebranding to sway the public). These contains toxins & carcinogens which rapidly age the body, including the skin. These ingredients also increase the bodies insulin production response. The more insulin we have floating around in our blood, the more our body is going to respond by increasing our fat storage. Interesting how the "zero calorie" and "sugar free" products are the very things contributing to type 2 diabetes and obesity due to the abnormal insulin response it causes in our bodies. As an Exercise Physiologist, it is very common that my clients who suffer with type 2 diabetes or obesity, have been mislead with incorrect information regarding sugar free sodas and they negatively impact their insulin response.
  • Refined White Carbs (also known as enriched wheat flour): As with processed sugar, refined white carbs get immediately converted to sugar once ingested in body and in turn cause the same side effects (spiking blood sugar and releasing more insulin). This puts stress on the body and kickstarts more inflammation.
  • Gluten: The name says it all. This glue-like substance can clog up our body and our skin, while further increasing inflammation. This all stems from what happens to our gut as a result of consuming it (especially if you are gluten sensitive). 
  • Carrageenan: Although this ingredient is derived naturally (you’ll find it is added to many organic food products or drinks to thicken the consistency), it is actually harmful to the body as it too promotes an inflammatory response. This is because it is difficult for the digestive system to break down. 

I know that can sound overwhelming! I don’t suggest anyone quit cold turkey. The goal is to simply become more mindful and aware of what we put into our bodies and to understand how what we eat impacts our energy, our mood, our health and even our skin.

I use to eat a ton of processed meat, as well as cheese and gluten. Presently, the only animal products I consume include wild caught fish & organic eggs from free range chickens. I also avoid gluten & dairy 90/95% of the time. For me, the biggest thing that healed my skin disorders (which included eczema, cystic acne, red bumps on the back of my upper arms (keratosis pilaris), and itching skin/regular breakouts of hives), was the removal of processed meat & most dairy and gluten. 

I know this to be true because the rare time I consume cheese or gluten, I will experience a light flare up of old skin issues. But let me stress, my dietary changes did not happen over-night! It was very gradual process overtime (a few years) that eventually become solidified based on the results I was seeing and how much better I started feeling. My energy also started to soar as my body was no longer in a state of chronic inflammation.

Hope some of this information helps and if you are curious to explore more non-toxic and healthy facial products, please click here to see BODYCHERISH's new Facial Ritual Collection.

November 05, 2017

Must Read! The incredible health benefits of Pink Himalayan salt!

First, we gotta get clear... I said pink himalayan salt not table salt! There is a BIG and I mean big difference. So much so that when we hear salt, we often just think it is bad for us and our health. That is very true for table salt as it has been processed and stripped of everything good (just left with sodium chloride). Pink himalayan salt on the other hand is not processed or stripped of any of its healthy minerals.. it still has all 84 essential minerals that are very, very good for the body! Not only that, it still tastes great when sprinkled onto your food in moderation.

Having the proper level of essential minerals in our bodies ensures optimal organ health (including skin) and glandular system function (happy adrenal and thyroid glands).

So where is this pink miracle salt from you may ask? It is sourced directly from the Himalayan mountains where crystallized sea salt beds were once covered by lava many, many years ago. This is thought to be the purest salt on earth as it has been left in pristine environmental conditions, free from pollution.

To receive the mega-health benefits from this pink salt, you most definitely do not have to just consume it internally. An incredibly easy and affordable way to indulge in this luxury salt, is by taking a therapeutic salt bath. As the skin is permeable, the salt soaks right in and goes to work, promoting healing throughout the body on many levels.

Having a salt bath once a week is a great way to detoxify and purify the body as soaking in the salt water actually helps pull the impurities out the skin. You will notice while soaking in the bath, you will start sweating more than usual. Don't be alarmed for this is normal and actually a really good thing. It's your body cleansing itself! At the same time, the healthy minerals are also being absorbed into your body and remineralizing your tissues and cells, leaving them to perform at optimal levels.

Aside from the physical benefits, salt bathing is also said to be energetically cleansing as well. For ladies who follow the moon cycle, I highly suggest taking a salt bath on both the new moon and full moon to help clear your energy field and release what is no longer serving you, physically & emotionally.

All you have to do is simply run a hot bath and sprinkle this beautiful pink rock salt in and let it dissolve. To make the bath even more nourishing, you could also add essential oils and dried flowers to the pink rock salt.

Don't have the time? Click here to check out BODYCHERISH's Pink Himalayan Soak Salts. These have been hand blended with organic essential oils of lavender and lemongrass as well as the truly remarkable healing abilities of larimar and sugilte crystal essences. Not only that they are mixed with premium grade, dried lavender buds, rose petals, lemongrass and calendula.

October 27, 2017

Become a Soulpreneur Success Story! (new program coming summer)

Bodycherish turned 2 years old on November 1st, 2017!!

But let me tell you, well before this company became a reality, my life was in a completely different place. You see, about nearing 5 years ago my life was...really, really shitty (going through a divorce, unhealthy drinking habits, losing my house and a traumatic brain injury resulting in the loss of my smell).

It was that chaos that triggered me along my journey of self-development, exploration and most importantly SELF-LOVE. Programs, courses, workshops, you name it and I was in it. The more I invested into myself, the better my life got. I started to believe in possibilities that I never-ever even dreamed of before.

This new belief system allowed me to move forward on my inspired idea to create a high vibrational skincare line (made with the healing power of crystal essences). This idea came to me on November 15th, 2014, while in Sedona during a nature-filled road trip. Bodycherish launched 1 year later on November 1, 2015, followed by my energy healing practice in May 2016 and my empowerment coaching in March 2017.

I share this story to show you an example on how ideas CAN & WILL come to LIFE if you believe it is possible. I could have come home and brushed the idea aside and convinced myself that is was silly and too far-fetched. Thank God I did not allow my ego/fear to win because otherwise I would still be trapped in my soul-sucking corporate career and not living up to my true potential and life purpose.....and guess what?

We all have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL within us, including YOU reading this. If you are alive and breathing, you have a purpose & a reason for being here. Not only that, YOU DESERVE to feel joyful, inspired, happy and FREE!

Here's a video sharing details of the new program "Become a Soulpreneur Success" which launches summer 2018!!! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to be the first in the know when this life changing program is ready to be unleashed.




September 03, 2017

How to Begin Journaling and Why It May Help You Through Good Days and Bad

You may have heard about journaling but aren't quite sure how to start, what to write or really why to even do it. Is it really all it's cracked up to be? Is it really going to help you in some way? The answer is a Big Fat Yes. 

The simple act of jotting down our internal dialogue to paper can be very cathartic (meaning it can provide psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions). When we are experiencing anger, frustration, despair or hurt (just to name a few), our minds often try to work out the difficulties through repetitive thoughts. The truth is that our thoughts are what cause us to feel emotions, the good kind and the bad kind. So when we allow our thoughts to run rampant on a tangent, we can become flooded with an unessaary amount of emotional pain.

There is something powerful when you take pen to paper and actually write out how you're feeling. You suddenly release the repetitive thought from your body and this can literally shift the energy pertaining to the topic. It allows you to see the circumstance you are facing from more of an observer point of view, rather than that of an experiencer having the raw emotion. This ensures you can see the situation with a more clear perspective which also allows you to feel more empowered.

I suggest starting journalling by thinking of it as how you'd want to go about cleaning the floor. If you have a topic giving you grief you need to first address that topic. As a metaphor, think of the topic (giving you an emotional charge) as the dirt that is scattered over the floor that needs to be cleaned up. Next I suggest writing out what person/relationship, circumstance or thing is causing this charge or this feeling of disharmony. Think of this as addressing and acknowledging the mess (or getting the broom and sweeping up the dirt). Skipping this step is equivalent to simply placing a rug overtop the pile of dirt. You know the mess is still there and avoiding it will only breed deeper emotional pain. Acknowledgement and reflection as to how you feel and WHY you feel a certain way is the key.

Second, it is very helpful to now place a more positive spin on the topic. For example, if you have recently experienced heartbrake or received news of an illness or disease, it may leave you feeling disempowered. However, what if your perspective of the event shifted even slightly? Making a list of positive aspects with what has transpired is how to create a shift.  

For example, your partner has betrayed your trust and is leaving you for another person. What could possibly be the silver lining in this? Well, for one, now for the first time in your life you get a chance to completely focus your energy on you... no one else. You get to prioritize yourself. There is freedom in this unfolding. You now get to pursue your interests and get to know yourself much better, on a deeper level. You get to connect back to the source of who and what your are. You get to deepen your love affair with yourself. The journey back to self through love and care is an incredible one and not everyone gets to experience this. Often we require a  difficult & life changing event (such as an illness or breakup) to act like a catalyst to force us out of our comfort zone and into a new way of being a living in this world.

I hope this simple act of journaling can help you navigate the rocky waters that are inevitable in this beautiful and mysterious game of life.

Christine Nicole 


July 08, 2017

How to harness the manifesting power of a vision board

By now you've probably heard about vision boards and the  term "the power of manisfestion," which is often discussed on social media sites involved with the new age movement. You may be wondering, is this all hype or does a person actually have the power to manifest and create their future experiences or desired outcomes in life.

The answer is... hell YES!

When you are visualizing and actually seeing daily reminders that invoke a feeling that you desire to experience, through the law of attraction, circumstances are brought toward you that gradually bridge the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be in the future.  The key here is to pick images, words & colours (whether digital or paper) that actually trigger a FEELING response within you.

The truth is that we have creative control over our lives. We have the power to live our lives on purpose, rather than letting life "happen to us." When we practice deliberate thought and visualize experiences that offer a positive feeling response, we change our vibrational offering. 

I encourage you to create a vision/mood board through an easy and free collage program found on www.picmonkey.com. That is how I made the above example. Or you may wish to create one with magazine clippings for a more tangible option.  I promise you, this is an effective & efficient way to get the ball rolling and bring your dreams into your reality! Happy visualizing!


June 01, 2017

Top 5 ways to protect your skin this summer

If you have been living somewhere cold, it is tempting to quickly expose of all our skin when the summer sunshine first hits. However, to ensure our skin does not burn and stays healthy & youthful (less wrinkles and sun spots), below are 5 simple steps to follow:

1) If you wear foundation or mineral makeup, look for one that already includes an SPF in it. This is an incredibly simple way to ensure your face is always protected. Make sure to use a natural and cruelty free makeup as well. Make-up that is tested on animals is always full of toxins that are harmful to our body (that is why it is necessary to test them on innocent animals in the first place). I personally use and adore Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage which you can find here. This product contains a broad spectrum sunscreen SPF of 25. I wear this even in winter as UVA/UVB rays are still present and can reflect off the white snow.

2) Use a toxin-free sunscreen line. Many popular sunscreen brands have been found to have harmful ingredients that negatively impact not just our skin, but our internal organs and endocrine system as well. Finding the right sunscreen that is safe for you and your family can be overwhelming so I suggest using an excellent website from the Environmental Working Group. All you have to do is input your product name and it will tell you exactly what is inside of it and what it actually means to your body and families' health. Access their wonderful website here! 

 3) Put your sunscreen or sun cream on before you go outside. Most products recommend 15-20 minutes to ensure the protective ingredients adequately saturate your skin. This means you will be protected from UVA and UVB rays the second you step outside, decreasing your chance of burning and aging your skin more rapidly. BODYCHERISH launched a Natural Sun Cream which contains organic ingredients and an SPF of 25. If you'd like to learn more, click here.

4) Hydrate your skin after every bath or shower with a natural or organic body oil or butter. This step is important in summer and not just in winter when skin tends to get dryer. This provides your skin with nourishing ingredients that are chalked full of anti-oxidants and age defying properties (this means supple and soft skin year round). BODYCHERISH has an excellent selection of luxury, organic beauty butters and oils. You can explore them here.

5) Remember to reapply and cover up! Unless specified, most sunscreens are not waterproof or heavy sweat proof. Also, there is such a thing as too much sun and so whenever you know you will be outside for a longer length of time, be sure to adequately pack. Items such as hats, sunglasses and swimsuit covers can be wonderful for protecting us from skin damage (deep wrinkles and leathering looking skin); especially when worn during peak UVA/UVB levels, which is often between 11 AM and 3 PM.

That's it Green Beauty Goddesses! Hope you are able to get outside and enjoy this summer sunshine in a happy, healthy and safe way :)

May 31, 2017

Video interview: How to make space for powerful & positive transformation

My video interview with Caroline Stewart, from inspirED me, In this we discuss the value of self-love & care; my own positive transformation from a very difficult time; finding your inspiration (including resources + tips to help) and last but not least...why pursuing your desires is essential well-being & awakening to your purpose.  This video is chalked full of juicy topics ~ I hope you enjoy!

Caroline's vision of inspiring others is brought to life in this video series where she interviews InspirED community leaders to reveal how they find and share their inspiration. If you are curious to learn more, please explore Caroline's website here full of valuable content!

February 11, 2017

How to get what you desire in life through faith & the law of attraction

If you haven't heard the term "law of attraction" by this time you've probably been living under a rock. The truth is this concept is becoming more and more mainstream and it is no longer being viewed as just "woo woo" for spiritual people. Many people first heard about this idea with the best selling book, The Secret (which was published way back in 2007) and eventually went on to become a movie. I personally, however, didn't start to learn about the Law of Attraction until the end of 2013 after a series of cataclysmic events that really flipped my life upside down. These events included a divorce, loss of house, friendships changing, fractured skull/brain injury + loss of smell and the icing on the cake.... being cat-fished online (that is when someone pretends to be someone they are not through identity theft and using pictures of someone else). Yes, so in a nutshell, I had a rip-roaring and life altering summer in 2013 which served as a catalyst to get my life back on track and made me want so deeply to feel happier, healthier and supported in my life. I no longer wanted to rely on getting black out drunk to "think" I was "having fun" when in fact I was just drowning my sorrows and falling deeper into my disconnection from spirit.

The truth is my life changed SO MUCH and SO FAST when I finally got it and understood (and implemented) the Universal Law of Attraction. This shift in mindset and belief really took hold in my life at the beginning of 2015. Looking back, it is incredible to see how much I was able to manifest into my life simply by becoming aware of my thoughts and feelings. I became mindful of the dialogue going on in my head. I realized that what I thought about affected how I felt and my feelings. I realized that when I ruminated on a thought that made me feel stress, anxiety, resentment or angst, I then drew in more life experiences that made me feel those same ways. I also realized that when I chose to change those thoughts and not give them anymore time and attention (by changing my focus and thinking about something that felt good); I was then able to attract in life experiences that reflected those improved states of being.

By being aware of where my thoughts went, I was able to direct my energy to good feeling places that allowed me to, at a rapid rate, create my skincare line, (despite the so-called "barrier" of no longer having a sense of smell), followed by my energy healing business (Reiki and crystal healing) and my life & business coaching programs that have transformed dozens of lives.

I would envision the way I wanted to F E E L in my life and my business/brand and (in less than a year) I manifested it into my reality...and it turned out even better than I had planned! This is evidence that the Universe goes to work and lines things up in our favour based on where our thoughts, intentions and energy flows.

By being mindful of the Law of Attraction and how to gradually cultivate new belief systems to deepen our faith in what could go right rather than what could go wrong, miracles start to unfold in our lives. Remember, the Law of Attraction can work against us if we ruminate on what could go wrong but, rest assured, it will and it DOES work for us when we focus on a positive outcome. I can speak from personal experience, that when I realized that my internal world (thoughts, beliefs and emotions) determined my outer world, my entire life changed. I became an energetic match to my wildest dreams, including my healthiest body, most nurturing relationships and deeply rewarding business endeavours...and I know with CERTAINTY, YOU CAN TOO. This is a Universal LAW that works for everyone! Remember, it is your thoughts and feelings that create your reality and it is YOU who has the power to determine your thoughts. YOU are a powerful creator and have the ability to manifest the most grandest vision of your life and are worthy of experiencing the life of your wildest dreams.

If you like this video, please check out the Christine Nicole YouTube Channel here. This is where you'll find videos on law of attraction, business development, and my favourite topic..crystal healing! 


February 01, 2017

Interview: How BODYCHERISH came to be through my own journey to self-love & care

I have a pretty unusual story with how bodycherish came to be. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share these real, raw (not all pretty) personal details but then I met the right woman to open up with (Alanna who is a Canadian mama on a journey to live wholehearted, simple and clean). She's awesome and so is her lovely + informative site (which is now called Divine Mamahood and is currently under construction).

Christine, you're a Certified Physiologist & Exercise Therapist, specializing in injury rehabilitation and fitness. That sounds like a fulfilling job in itself; what motivated you to want to do more and create BodyCherish? 

So many reasons! BodyCherish is reflective of everything that I am passionate & interested in, including taking a more holistic approach to health (body, mind and spirit) and practicing radical self love & care along the way. BodyCherish supports this approach through the crystal essence infused, organic skincare as well as the services that are soon to be offered. It is my belief that pursuing your passions in life (those things that light you up) are of the utmost importance to ones well-being. I believe that following your passions is a way to practice radical self-love and that is what is truly fulfilling to me. It’s like saying “Yes!” to the Universe "I do deserve to do things that nourish my spirit and bring me joy."

Something that I haven't come across in the green beauty world is this infusion of Crystal Essences into skin care. How did you come up BodyCherish and this unique concept?

I can actually pin point the day in which I received the inspired idea to formulate my own green beauty products. It was November 15th, 2014 and I was submerged in a 2 week long road trip from Alberta through to the southern states. Along the way, I spent most of my time fully immersed in nature, exploring national parks, hiking and camping most nights while sleeping in a tent under the stars. There was one particular day that I saw so many beautiful & breathtaking places that Mama Nature had to offer. It was these experiences that I feel opened me up to receive what I call a divinely inspired idea. I was driving along a windy road, entering Sedona, Arizona when the idea hit me like a lightening bolt. That idea was I must make body butters infused with crystal essences. That is where the idea was planted and it has been an ongoing work in progress that has evolved ever since. Interestingly enough, my company just so happened to debut it’s launch exactly one year later to the day, on November 15, 2015.

I absolutely LOVE working with crystals & I am always interested in learning more about the truly remarkable healing benefits that each stone holds. It is this draw toward the elemental kingdom (and different energy practices in general) that has compelled me to become a Certified Crystal Healer & Advanced Reiki Practitioner. Making crystal essences is how I am able to add the energetic properties of the actual crystal to each BodyCherish product. I really believe in the powers that these crystal essences have to promote healing and awaken well-being in the body. Each product has a different combination of crystal essences added to offer further benefits to the body, mind and spirit, in addition to the already nourishing organic ingredients that make up each body butter and oil.

Have you always been an advocate for radical self-care and holistic wellness?

Not at all, but let me elaborate. For the majority of my twenties I had a chemical saturated body, inflamed red skin, cystic acne, eczema patches, allergic skin reactions (hives and itching), mood irritability, unhealthy relationships, chronic insomnia, stress, stress & more stress, poor eating habits, crummy self esteem and body image, irregular exercise habits & low energy, zero spiritual practice, an ever going battle up and down on the weigh scale, minimal to no leisure pursuits & a downright disconnect with my true self & higher purpose. Back then I worked all week just for the weekends to drink alcohol. I had no sense of true fulfillment. Sure, I did occasional yoga and maybe (with struggle) made it to the gym but that was it. From the outside, I had what seemed like it all (I was married with a good paying job, a nice house and plans for having a baby). Truth is that it felt empty and caused something inside me start to stir. I wanted more out of life. I wanted to feel good; to feel energized and inspired. So, my first step was cleaning up my diet. I started to juice vegetables and became more and more mindful and curious about what I was putting into body and onto my skin and how it would make me feel.

Although I was starting to get healthier through nutrition and non-toxic beauty products, at that time I was not yet into crystals, and energetic practices in general. It was a life altering summer back in 2013 that really changed things. It was that summer that I got some major wake up calls from the Universe in how I wanted to live and experience my life and how what i had been doing wasn't working anymore. See, I sustained a traumatic brain injury that included fracturing the left side of my skull and also losing 100% my sense of smell. Soon after this incident, which also coincided with me going through a divorce, losing my house and also my sense of identity in this world; I found myself being guided down a much more spiritual path and approach to life. At the time I didn’t view it as “spiritual” but rather as a necessity to start prioritizing myself by practicing self-love and care practices which were essential to get my life back on track.

These practices (yoga, meditation, gratitude journaling, dietary changes, and eliminating drama in general) all influenced me positively and I started to notice an ever increasing optimism, and fulfillment, as well as sensitivity to the energies around me. A big part of this was also my ever increasing draw towards crystals and their healing benefits. It makes perfect sense to me now that following the loss of one sense, my body had to adapt and make up for it by enhancing a different sense; I feel it was my loss of smell that resulted in my heightened sensitivity toward energies and the crystal kingdom, but also my ability to trust my own intuitive guidance system in order to make decisions confidently.

So it may seem surprising, even bizarre, that the formulator and creator of a skincare line has never been able herself to smell the products created. What’s even more interesting about all of this is that had it not been for what may appear like a major barrier (my loss of smell) I don’t think I would have experienced the same heightened sensitivity toward energies and crystals; nor would I have been compelled to make some major changes in my life that required radical self-love and care.

What is your process like from start to finish when you're handcrafting an item?

Research, research, research! Mixed in with trial and error and eventual application on my own skin. I feel I am the best test subject as my skin is incredibly sensitive. The most time consuming phase of the handcrafting process is the creation of the crystal essences. Click here to read my blog post on how I make them. Other than that, the beauty butters take a fair bit of time as they require both melting down of ingredients, refrigeration for the perfect amount of time (with regular stirring), followed by whipping, jarring and then labeling. I don't mind the time my products take to make as I truly enjoy making them & take pride in the quality of what I am creating.

What message do you most hope to pass on to women?

Your past does not define you & where you stand today does not determine where you’ll be in the future. You get to decide RIGHT NOW, by the empowered choices you make today, what your future experiences will be made of. I know this from my own transformational changes for the better. Any difficult or trying time in one's life can be a catalyst for where you choose to go next. You can choose to respond in a way that proves your resilience and strength. You can step forward into a life you only dreamed of. That's the life you deserve to live.