What is "Saturn Returns" & Why it Makes Entering Your 30's Feel Like You're Going Crazy

Have you heard of Saturn Returns? To sum it up, this will feel like an early life crisis as you turn 29 and head into your 30's.ย It comes around every 29 years or so and you'll feel it again as you approach 60. The more out of alignment with your highest possible path, the more you will feel it's effects.ย  ย 

Things just don't feel right. You sense that something is off which leaves you feeling anxious & like something is missing. You try to make it better by racing to the expected next step, by societal norms that is, only to find out once you get there, that you still are not satisfied.

I'm not gonna lie. If you're still reading this, there is a very high probability that you are going through or just went through "Saturn Returns" in your birth natal chart. This happens when you are around the age of 29 and 30 and you will continue to feel effects from it well into your 30's.ย It can be one rip-roaring hell of time!ย It's influence (returning to it's position when you were born) can really trigger you to question who youย are,ย where youย are going & is it the best path. It can cause a stir of unease (often labeled as anxiety or early life crisis).

This is the point in your lifeย (like many do), that youย can ignore that feeling and try to shrug it off.ย You know, brushย itย aside and just keep trudging along in the same autopilot cycles.

But for theย brave and fierceย lightworkersย of this world,ย whoย areย willing to question this off-feelingย and dive a little deeper, a shift will start to take place. A deep desire to experience more out of life. A desire to feel peace, joy & happinessย each day. To wake up and go to bed atย night feeling calm & at ease. To no longer feel lost, raw orย confused.

You see, Saturn Returning to our natal charts, as we enter our 30's, can leave usย feeling like we just went through a washing machineย and are now being left out to dry. Where do we go from here? How do we heal and step forwardย into a life of deep meaning and purpose life, the kind we have only dreamed of?

I am here to tell you with 100% certainty that there is a way.

Iย believe I haveย "cracked the code"ย soย to speak on how to get there. Iย never believed my life could feel this way. I couldn't have even dreamt of the way it has turned out. The deep sense of fulfillment I feel being connected to my source (my Higher Self'sย calling) in my life is priceless. Nothing (no-thing) in the outside world can provide this same satisfaction to me.ย 

I believe you can get here too by following a strategic sequence of steps offered in the EYL program and by literally raising your energy (vibration) to a new set point. That mixed with mega mindset shifts and changes inย perspective will get the ball rolling andย you will become the architect of your dream lifestyle. You will get connected andย aligned to your deepest passions and purpose and once there, that is where you will feel true fulfillment.

Now myย question for you is, what would you be willing to do in order to experience, within a short period of time (just 4 months), the desired life you have beenย craving &ย yearning for?ย 

The one,ย where you walk through life withย an unwavering sense of confidence & assurance that you are in alignment with your higherย purpose & exactly where you should be. Toย have that inner voice of guilt replaced with aย sense of calm & ease. A trust and knowing that you are on the fast track toย an extraordinary life. The bonus? Not just liking yourself but finally LOVING & ACCEPTING YOURSELF, wholly, wildly and completely.ย 

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole