{New Video} How To Work With The Eclipses, Planets & Moon Cycle To Get What You Want

In tonight's live stream we are talking astrology, the planets, new moon, full moon and the powerful portal that starts this Saturday,.. The eclipse doorway!

Not only that, we also have no planets in retrograde (after a heavy season of back to back retrogrades this is a welcomed relief... can I get an amen!). Well, technically uranus is retrograde until Jan 6 but after that it is FULL steam ahead.

So first I will explain what an eclipse doorway is - there will be two and the first Jan 5 is a partial solar and the second is a lunar on the 21st … so it is that period of just over 2 weeks that has extra potency!

Not only that, the first eclipse lands on our January new moon (January 5th) and the second eclipse lands on the exact date of the full moon (January 21).

New moons are excellent for…. Introspection, going within, quiet time, journalling, connecting to Soul, meditation, salt baths, clearing your home, office and own energy field. Surrendering and letting go of the past.  This is also where you want to plant seeds on what you want to bring forth and make space for.

Full moons are reaching the pinnacle.. The energy accumulates up to this day.

Eclipses are thought of as fated events that literally open up a gateway for you to rise up into your higher potential. The fated event could be an opportunity, an event, a phone call, a training or education. They can also be fated events that remove something from your life that isn't aligned to your higher path. 

So, over the 2 week portal here are my suggestions to best utilize this energy - because remember what you begin now will have a long lasting ripple effect in your life and next year.

  1. What you focus on is supported by the Universe (nothing is hidden from your consciousness as all planets will be direct)
  2. Pay attention to signs around you
  3. Cleanse your energy and home
  4. Practice gratitude, daily
  5. Allow your natural talents to shine through
  6. Take concrete steps on your dreams
  7. Allow your creative side to come out and play
  8. Permission to be unleashed & show up FULLY and unapologetically!

Hope these suggestions help and happy new moon & solar eclipse:-)

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole