[NEW VLOG] My Date From Hell....

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom - where you'll also find a quick livestream I recorded that was inspired by my "date from hell."

So I once went on a date from hell. It was horrible start to finish. I mean everything this jerk could do wrong, he did! From the time he picked me up, he made me feel insecure about myself. He had the audacity to tell me he’s surprised that I am wearing shorts since my thighs rubbed up against each other. He actually said they’d look better if I had a thigh gap. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I still went out with him that night.

At dinner he made a remark about how much food I ate in comparison to him. He remarked, “boy, you sure have an appetite” when he saw how much I ate compared to him. He made me feel ashamed, like I shouldn’t have eaten as much as I did. Maybe I should have pretended to be full sooner?

On the way home, I started to tell him about my heart-centred dream in which I was embarking on. Half way through telling him about it, he cut me off and said “I don’t think that is going to work, that seems to far-fetched and out there.” He made me shrink back into my seat, feeling foolish for even entertaining my idea and thinking it could become my reality.

When you dropped me off at my house, I spilled the contents of my purse into a puddle as I was exiting his car. Rather than support me, and help me gather my items back up, he criticized me and got annoyed at me for the accident.

Clearly this person was very critical of me. He pointed out flaws that he saw in my body. He made me feel guilty for eating the amount of food I did at dinner. He pointed out reasons my inspired idea was silly & never going to work. He even cast unnecessary judgement at me for making a simple mistake. He was a bully. Clearly, any woman with a right mind would NEVER go out on a date with him again.

Now what if I told you, this man does not exist and it was a story to showcase how one's ego and inner dialogue of thoughts can bombard a person with criticism. Not only on a single occasion, but every single day!

I felt guided to create this story today to show the woman reading this how unfair she often is on herself. How her biggest enemy is never someone else but her own inner critic & thoughts.

I wrote this to make it clear to you that if you wouldn’t consider spending more time with a man that was this mean to you, why on earth would you subject yourself to this same kind of treatment, criticism and judgement from yourself?

Radical self love and care means you have to make it your duty to treat yourself with love and kindness - not just on the outside through actions, but often, more importantly - ON THE INSIDE through your thoughts. Remember, you deserve to treat yourself the way you would expect a romantic partner to.

I hope this post struck a cord and made you really think and assess the way you speak to yourself. I recorded this quick livestream on 3 Warning Signs Your Self-Care Could Be Self-Harming. It was inspired by the massive feedback I received from women sharing just how guilty they are of mean self-talk.

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole