[NEW VLOG] Go From Feeling Stuck & Unsure to Feeling Excited & Confident In Your Life!

Welcome to the livestream that will share a quick 5 step process that will get you unstuck in less than 15 minutes! 
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Step One: Gaining awareness on how you feel now and clarifying how you want to feel moving forward - (typically the antonym). The contrasting feelings you are experiencing that aren’t enjoyable. The opposite feelings you’d experience to your contrasting ones. Inspired Actions you can take to support your clarified desired feelings

Step Two: Make peace with your less than desirable feelings - when you don’t feel amazing, know that it’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up for feeling a lower vibe (frequency) feeling but instead comfort yourself and say “of course I feel this way” and “now I get to choose again.” This is becoming a conscious creator in your life. Having awareness regarding the way you feel empowers you forward.

Having contrast show up in your life is just as valuable as the good stuff… why? Well. it’s through the contrast of what what we don’t want to experience or feel; that we LEARN and get clear on what it is we do WANT to experience and feel.

This empowers you to keep sculpting your life in a way that is reflective of what means the most to you. This is what brings clarity to you so that you do know what inspired actions to take. The more you do this, the more your confidence grows and Grows & GROWS!

Step Three: Strengthening & trusting your Intuition - then taking inspired action from there (use the contrast of what you don’t want as the fuel/ammunition to move you forward faster toward what you actually desire to experience). How to trust it? It’s the gut response that surpasses thought, it feels exciting and sometimes scary but in a thrilling kind of way. You want to move toward it - it feels warm and inviting.

Step Four: Create space to follow the breadcrumb trail (curiosities, joy pursuits, fun) - this could mean time blocking it in to ensure it happens. This means so no to a lot more than you’re used to. When you say yes to everyone else, you’re simultaneously saying no to your needs. Give yourself permission to follow the breadcrumb trail and trust wherever it leads you, is going to be really, really good!

Step Five: Make the decision you will be successful and commit to yourself to ensure follow through. Time block it in, Make your inspired actions non-negotiables in your schedule. Just like you’d book a dentist appt. Book in your inspired actions. Nothing changes if nothing changes so in order for excitement, confidence and clarity to come to you, you must make shifts & changes to your current routine.


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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole