VIDEO: HOW TO QUIT DRINKING (Trauma Bonds, Identity Shifts & Subconscious Beliefs)

Welcome to the 2nd live training replay where I walk my community through the importance of breaking the trauma bond with booze, reprogramming our subconscious minds and belief systems (and in doing so, shift and elevate our identities) and start envisioning SO MUCH MORE for our futures!!

Podcast version here



00:00 - Ramble⁣

⁣00:59 - Topics covered⁣

⁣02:15 - Transcending pain from alcohol use⁣

⁣04:55 - Springboard to higher potential⁣

⁣05:55 - 2 voices in our head⁣

⁣08:20 - Allure of temporary comfort & abandoning the long term vision⁣

⁣11:25 - Trauma bonded to alcohol (specific to women)⁣

⁣13:48 - Trauma bonded in emotionally abusive relationship⁣

⁣14:30 - Ego is terrified on the unknown⁣

⁣15:00 - Subconscious mind needs to get on board for success⁣

⁣15:50 - Filling the void⁣

⁣16:50 - Side effects of trauma bonds⁣

⁣18:08 - Accumulative effects on life⁣

⁣19:50 - Biggest lie ego feeds us is life will be boring, hard or suck⁣

⁣22:35 - Zero compromise and being a lucky one⁣

⁣24:00 - Whose life are you comparing yourself to anyway?⁣

⁣25:40 - Outdated software in your subconscious mind⁣

⁣26:40 - Quitting alcohol is multi-faceted (inner trigger awareness)⁣

⁣28:25 - Replacement habits will benefit & elevate or hinder & distract⁣

⁣29:28 - Entrepreneurs & coaches won’t succeed with booze addictions⁣

⁣32:00 - We have the power to remodel our own belief systems⁣

⁣34:40 - Bringing incentive & excitement to the changes⁣

⁣35:20 - 2nd Challenge: Can You Imagine & Envision Yourself In An Elevated Identity 


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