When contrast shows up in my life, I know it is for me and “to me” but I also don’t always understand HOW it is for me when the hard thing is showing up.


That is when I remind myself, this will make sense and reveal the silver lining in Divine timing.. not necessarily my timing. This could be a few days, few weeks, few months and even years.



The contrast that recently showed up for me is having my health significantly impacted in 3 different ways.

Part of me felt, what the heck, this is not fair! But then, I also simultaneously see the very apparent signs. First of all, my Spirit Team/Higher self knows I can be stubborn in receiving the messages from them and so they always give it to be in series of 3s to make sure.


  • The message I have received is SLOW THE F*CK DOWN
  • Take time to rest and recover
  • Take time to integrate the big changes that just took place (moved cities in September)
  • Purge out the old energy and allow my system to recalibrate to this new energy and environment
  • BE and don’t worry about doing
  • See how I feel with not being able to do the things on my list
  • See what comes up - what wants to come up
  • Also, the message was, take my attention OFF the things going on in the world that don’t feel good to you.
  • Check in with my emotional guidance system MORE and decide is where you are placing your attention making me feel better or worse?


Moral of the story, can you see where contrast is showing up in your life that has a silver lining? How something happening is for you in the grander scheme of things?



Christine Nicole,

Business, Frequency & Leadership Mentor to Conscious Entrepreneurs & Coaches

Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole