[New Vlog & Offer] How to heal subconscious blocks to success in relationships, career + purpose

Are you ready to release any old wounds, patterns or limitations that you do not wish to bring with you into 2020? Then keep on reading or watch video below.

I know all too well what it feels like to have a subconscious pattern (block) show up in both the relationship sector & career sector of life.

You see, although I am now in the most fulfilling relationship with my Soulmate & in my purpose based career path, there once was a time (not too long ago) that these things seemed sooo far out of reach.

The way in which Colton cherishes, loves, encourages and respects me is a far cry from how I used to be treated by men. The career satisfaction I have now is also much different than what I experienced for the first 15 years of my working life as well.

This all started for me in childhood when our imprints become implanted unconsciously. Both parents spent their nights drinking & neither were capable of taking care of me. My mother moved away when I was 12 to another city and I lived with my abusive father from 12 to 15 years old.

I was told repetitively by my father that I was too stupid to finish high school. He wanted to be free of his parental responsibility so badly that he kicked me out of the house on multiple occasions by putting my belongings into garbage bags and leaving them on the driveway of my friend’s house.

Rather than asking how school was going or offering me help, he went out of his way to chip away at my self-esteem. It was as if I was living with a bully from school but it was my own father.

I had to rely on my friends for hand-me-down training bras when I went through puberty, and even school supplies at one point. Most hard to believe is when I had a broken leg and it was in a cast. It was winter and he refused to drive me to school so he could sleep in later. So to get myself to school I had to strap my crutches with a bungee cord to my bike (in winter!). It is still crazy for me to type this, almost hard to believe.

Eventually I was removed from that home when I was 15 and placed with another family until 17 (when I moved out & got my first apartment).

Pretty heavy stuff, I know. I don't share to be a debbie downer but to illuminate HOW MUCH THINGS CAN CHANGE FOR THE BETTER EVEN IN EXTREME SCENARIOS.

So how my subconscious imprint (which was clearly that of neglect) showed up throughout my 20’s was:

😐Being cheated on/betrayed & lied to

😐Marrying someone who psychologically abused me, put me down & neglected me 

😐In general, being attracted to emotionally unavailable men

😐Working in an unfulfilling corporate career (not my purpose)

It was my rock bottom moment (year more like!) when I turned 29 (6.5 yrs ago) that served as the catalyst to look deeper into looking at my past.

On my self-development and growth journey, I started to see that I was the common denominator in all these challenges. Different partner but always the same let down.

This led me to study subconscious imprints, how they develop and how we can heal them.

I was guided to a process that supported me in so many ways that my life will never be the same. New doorways and opportunities in all areas of life have opened up and I know with certainty this process works.

That is what the ⚑️RELEASE YOURSELF⚑️ (3 week mini course) is all about. Supporting you uncover your unique subconscious patterns and then provided with effective tools & actions steps to heal this recurring pattern.

You will become empowered & finally experience quick forward momentum toward your deepest desires in life❀️

More specifically, you will learn:

πŸ’₯How to shatter the glass ceiling (subconscious block) preventing you from stepping up and into your power

πŸ’₯How to find hidden incentives of staying stuck and eradicate them

πŸ’₯How to attract what it is you actually desire in romance, relationships, health/fitness, career & finances - and no longer settle for less than what it is you deserve

πŸ’₯Find forgiveness (make peace with your pain) and move forward with joy

πŸ’₯How to dream bigger and create a larger container of possibility in your life - beyond what you thought was possible

Ladies, it is time to no longer settle for less than what it is you desire (and deserve). Now is the time to release yourself from limitations so that you can feel unstoppable & deeply fulfilled.

Sign up below & gain the confidence, clarity & bullseye solution for your path ahead in 2020!πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»


Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole