[NEW VLOG] How to Quantum Leap Your Life & Become Your Own Boss FASTER

In this week's live video inside the private group, High Vibin' Soulpreneurs (you are welcome to join!), we explore 6 ways to Become Your Own Boss FASTER & Elevate Your Life along the way! I hope you enjoy💞


As mentioned in this video, the steps revolve around the: Principle of entrainment ⚡✨ 
1:25 - What is entrainment? (be sure to watch this!)
3:08 - Step 1: Spend less time around influences that do not represent the lifestyle, positive energy & mindset you wish to have (people, environments, radio, etc.)
4:09 - Step 2: Read more books (replace a portion of netflix / TV time with learning & growing)
6:27 - Step 3: Limit your time on social media & use intentionally rather than mindlessly. Also detox/declutter who you follow - ask yourself, do they trigger you, cause jealousy or make you feel less than?
9:36 - Step 4: Declutter your home, your life AND YOUR SCHEDULE (make up, closets, fridge) to make energetic space for higher vibrations and inspired creativity
12:33 - Why less decisions & less chaos allows for more decision making abilities within your business * I share my history with downsizing to a 390 sq foot bachelor apartment from 2014-2016! (when I got all my business ideas)🙀
13:30 - Step 5: Schedule it in!
14:40 - Being impeccable with our word (trust with ourselves)
15:28 - Step 6: Work closely with someone doing what you want to do - this is one of the fastest ways to elevate your life - through entrainment 
17:27 - What the Elevate Your Life (program and mentorship is all about!)


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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole