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I felt compelled to share with you ladies just HOW MUCH the fabric of our very reality & the paradigm in which we live CAN CHANGE.⁣

After my divorce, while still in my active alcohol addiction, I downsized and sold everything to move into this tiny 390 sq foot apartment.  The outside of this 80 year old building was in disrepair .. you would have never thought I’d be living in such a place.⁣

But yet here I was. Living alone and divorced at 30 for several years.⁣

Working at a job that sucked the living energy out of me.⁣

But you know what happened in this chapter of my life?⁣

My spiritual awakening. My road to self love & eventual sobriety.⁣

My uncovering of my creativity, passion & purpose.⁣

My ambition & belief in myself arrived!⁣

My frequency raised exponentially!⁣

My inspired business ideas kept coming and I kept answering the calls!⁣

In this tiny 390 square foot apartment, I never felt so full, so rich in life, so connected to who I REALLY AM.⁣

In this tiny footprint I fell in love with myself & my dreams.⁣

I built & launched Bodycherish High Vibration Skincare inside this space.⁣

I became an energy healer inside this space.⁣

After 2 years inside this sacred cacoon, I moved into my next condo and there I quit my corporate career and launched my coaching business.⁣

I started travelling the world.⁣

I started making 5 figure months (what!?)⁣

I became an unstoppable force of nature!⁣

But it all started here. In this sacred 390 square foot apartment. ⁣

The tiny apartment that changed the trajectory of my life.⁣

Moral of this story..⁣

Can you reach to believe your present circumstance does not determine where you get to go next? 

What you get to experience, do & have?⁣

Can you allow yourself to ask for more… and go out and f$cking get it!?⁣

If you can, then you may be the perfect fit for Conscious Leadership Rising.

It is for women on the rise, ready to have their piece of the pie.

Ready to sore to new heights they never dreamed of before.

Ready to take life by the reigns and looks back and say “I did it, I really f8cking did it!”⁣

If that’s you, you can apply for a discovery call here if you’d like to learn more about this sacred opportunity to change the fabric of your very reality.

Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole