Is more masculine energy needed to thrive in your entrepreneurial biz?

How to transition from hobby / passion project (aka not making enough $ to FULLY support yourself each month) to having a flourishing career (aka in full swing, blooming & prosperous)!


There is a massive misconception in the online world - ESPECIALLY with spiritual women. That is this misguided belief that in order to be successful you must bring ONLY MORE FEMININE ENERGY to your business.


Here’s the thing, that is true if you are already working in your business & treating it with a lot (and too much masculine energy).


I have worked with countless women in the development of their entrepreneurial careers and/or online coaching businesses and one of the top barriers to success has been this:


Not enough of masculine energy in their approach.


What does this mean and how does this show up?


Here’s some examples:


  1. No idea or plan of action as to what you are actually working on in your business to keep moving the needle forward. Example could be knowing in the back of your mind there are countless things you could do but paralyzed in taking daily, consistent action on the meaningful tasks. Imagine going to your corporate career and putting around not actually doing anything - you’d get fired for lack of execution.
  2. Refusal to make a work schedule of what you are working on. A real job requires you to show up on time and not leave until you are done the task. SO MANY want-to-be entrepreneurs feel massive resistant to create a schedule because that would mean they are actually accountable to take action regularly (even when they don’t feel like it). Many women say “I want to be an entrepreneur so I don’t have to have any rules or schedule” It is important to clarify you actually REASON for wanting to be an entrepreneur (is it just because you don’t like your day job and want freedom or is because you have a purpose BURNING so deep inside of you that needs to be shared?). If it is the 2nd, you will find the energy to show up with dedication and follow through everyday and not treat it like a hobby.
  3. Continuously choosing to make your endeavour a last priority. Choosing to do what feels better in the moment versus what actually needs to get done (example: I don’t feel like working this morning so I will watch TV, or call a friend, or go shopping). At a “real” job you would not be allowed to turn on the TV because you felt like it. You’d be fired. What if you treated your entrepreneurial business as a real career - with the SAME LEVEL OF RESPECT & COMMITMENT?
  4. No idea how much money they are making (never ever tracking their numbers going out or coming in). Think about who absurd it would be if a brick and mortar business said “I have no idea how much money I make or what the cost of doing business is”. If they did this, they would sink immediately. Refusing to do this is okay if you simply want a passion project hobby. That is not how you treat a real business, period.
  5. All talk and no walk. Action (masculine) is NEEDED and if all you are doing is saying you are going to make it work and hit your first 10k month, but yet you are not backing that with inspired & dedicated action, you are not going to see results.


My business has grown to multiple 6 figures because I have a balanced masculine and feminine approach. I do the self-care, the journalling, the meditation and mindset work to get into vibrational alignment BUT i would be selling you a bold faced lie if I said it didn’t require a massive amount of action for an very extended period of time.


The reality is, each week I write my schedule for the next 7 days. I wake up and know exactly what I am working on each day and don’t skip out on myself. I don’t turn my back on my goals and say I’m just going to do what feels good in the moment. If I did, I would be laying on the couch with cake this very second.


This is part of the online world NO ONE speaks about. It is glorified everywhere you look to be LESS masculine and more feminine if you are a female in business. Sure, this sells because it feels easy and is appealing but I assure you, if you look behind the scenes into million dollar operations run by women, they are totally honouring their masculine energy, taking powerful action every day and as a result enjoying financial freedom.


Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole