[NEW VLOG] 3 Ways To Start Attracting Your Soulmate & Stop Painful Karmic Relationships

In today's vlog we talk about 3 ways you can start attracting what you ACTUALLY WANT & deserve in a romantic relationship.

The steps described in the video are:

  1. CLARITY & getting clear on what you want - otherwise you will attract a mish mash and be left wondering why you’re not happy with the relationship - I suggest writing down a list of the top 21 desirable qualities of the love of your life.
  2. SELF ASSESSMENT  - are you BEING the qualities you desire? Are you loving and respectful to yourself? Are you kind to yourself (inner dialogue check), or are you feeling shame, guilt, blame or lack of confidence?
  3. SETTING NEW STANDARDS/BOUNDARIES with what you’re available for - it is time to stop setting the bar lower with what you actually want and not settling for less (because what you say yes to is what you will get more of!)

Good luck and happy manifesting!

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole