Why are so many women gripped by Fear when it comes to becoming Visible in their business? Why is the very idea of Self-promotion keeping women with dreams paralyzed from doing what they are meant to do?

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I believe there are 3 Big Reasons:

1. Fear of judgement from others.

Why are women scared of being judged? Because less acceptance means less love and not being part of the group → which leads to loneliness/isolation. Now, we all want to be loved and accepted… but holding back on our dreams is actually an unloving act on OURSELVES. How can we attract love and acceptance from others if we are not yet able to fully love and accept ourselves and our purpose-based businesses?

Your business does not exist out of greed - you’re a Lightworker on a mission to spread positivity and uplifting messages to the world.. People need what you have to share!! Sharing CONSISTENTLY and being more vocal is what will ACTUALLY attract more people to YOU that do love and accept you- and who don’t mind that you sell and promote regularly.

2. Fear of being annoying and taking up too much space.

Really? What now is actually wrong with you repeating your message and taking up space online and in person? Do you have less right to be vocal than other women? Do you believe the Divine made some people more worthy to take up space online and you are just not one of them? Stop letting this lie dictate your success because the truth is..

The MORE you share, show up and tell people about what you do and how it is awesome, the more success will come to you. I have sold out Elevate Your Life every single season since I launched.. and it is because I keep showing up and sharing and telling the world about it. I am proud of what my mentorship and program provides women and my consistency with my message (AND SERVICES) is what is getting me the 6 figure results each & every year.

3. Fear of failure.

Think about it, if you try with just 50% of what you know you're capable of, then it’s not a true failure if it doesn’t work now is it? Imagine giving your 100% effort and being fully committed - meaning showing up every day to IG, FB, your email list, and never throwing in the towel.. and then what if, after all that, it STILL DOES NOT WORK? That concept is too painful for many women to bare and so they never fully commit and do what IS NECESSARY.

This now brings us to the concept of the Inverted Pyramid of Success - the phases involved and how you can move through into the 3% margin of women. This is explained in the video above!!

Hugs & wishing you massive success,

xo Christine 

Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole