NEW VLOG: 3 Ways To Break Through The Energetic Glass Ceiling In Your Coaching Business


For those of you just meeting me, I am Christine Nicole, and I am a business & frequency mentor to conscious entrepreneurs and soul-led visionary coaches, with untapped value ready to be shared with the world in a bigger way… and receive more abundance in return!

I support women show up online with unwavering confidence, being themselves, and in doing so experience more impact, influence & income!

In today's vlog we cover 3 blind spots that could be blocking more success from showing up in your business. Here's a snippet of what we dive into:

1. Are the actions I am taking moving me actually toward what it is I MOST DESIRE in my life & career or are they more reactionary actions that are to avoid or minimize future disappointment? (reaction versus response)
2. Am I taking action from a place of compromise or from my HIGHEST competence? This can show up by compromising boundaries, lowering prices, working with clients that are not most aligned, and teaching on topics that you have outgrown based on your current evolutionary track.
3. Are my actions just motion or true progress - actually the most effective ways of using my time to tip the needle forward in my business & success?
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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole