New Vlog: How To Take Your Power Back & 6 Steps To Manifest What You Want

Where, what & who are you giving your power away to? In this video we explore a 6 step exercise (to attract what you desire quicker).

Video also details of the Soulpreneur Podcast interviewee applications and the High-Level Business Mastermind coming this January!

TIME STAMPS: Podcast application info at start, training starts at 1:53 and Mastermind info at the end! Hope you enjoy:) 

Exercise steps from video:

1. Write down that thing you want (relationship, career, clients, income bracket, etc.)

2. Write down the feelings you think you will have with that thing

3. See that you are giving your infinite power away to outside factors (external locus of control) versus your internal reservoir of infinite possibilities and all that you already are and have

4. Write down I AM statements with the feelings. start training your mind/ consciousness/beliefs/subconscious to feel you are those things already

5. Trust and let it go. Place the order and trust the waiter is coming back with your dinner. If you pester the waiter is shows you don’t trust the waiter. BTW the waiter in this analogy is the Universal forces of LOA. Once in vibrational resonance with what you desire nothing can stop it from coming!

6. Make it a priority to enjoy your life and feel good. The higher you vibrate that more you can attract positive desires.

What's new!!

High-Level Mastermind starts January 12th - details & applications found here:

The Soulpreneur podcast interviewees (applications here)

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole