My clients have asked & now I have answered! If you are a Soul-Led Visionary Woman who is ready to experience more freedom, clarity, confidence, impact, joy & prosperity, then you are in the right place. 

This Mastermind is a mix of business, spirituality & mindset - so that you can build a life & business of your wildest & previously thought “unrealistic” dreams.

I believe growing a successful business is not just about strategy but also finding heart, soul & vibrational alignment with what it is you truly desire to experience and share with the world.

This intimate group program was created for the woman who is: 
✨ earning a (less than she'd like) fluctuating monthly income in her own business 
✨ tired of trying something new  - but getting less than abundant results
✨ attracting the wrong customers & clients to her business 
✨ spending way too much time giving her time away for free & being undervalued 
✨ wondering why she has to twist peoples arms to invest in her offer, product or service


And, most importantly, for the woman who is excited for: 
✨ prosperous months full of inspiration, flow & ease - knowing she can be herself and get paid to do work she loves
✨ filling up her courses and programs, consistently, and selling out her products
✨ smashing unrealistic goals on a consistent basis (finally hit her first 5 figure month & then do it again and again)
✨ attracting the right people, who are ready and excited to invest in themselves 
✨ breaking old, disempowering habits of thought, creating new belief systems & worthiness to receive 
✨ wanting to rearrange her energy & feelings toward money so that she can attract more, doing what makes her heart sing 
✨ looking forward to connecting with like-minded women (who are also doing the deep dive work) and building long-lasting & nourishing relationships & possible future collaborations
The Conscious Leadership Rising Mastermind includes:

Group coaching over video calls with myself with detailed attention to your business, income, lifestyle & spiritual growth desires. At the start of each call, I will take you through a specific training to empower you forward to your goals, followed by time to mastermind and ask questions with other powerhouse women, each with unique perspectives and experience.
I will be in our online group community everyday and can answer your questions, share new mindset perspectives for bigger results, point out your blocks and self limitations and give guidance on next steps for your unique business and how to handle situations as they arise. 
In my Mastermind, I hold nothing back - you will receive everything you need to reach massive levels of success in your business (and lifestyle) including customized strategy, mindset & energy shifting practices, as well as the confidence to set new parameters of what you are available for.
Mastermind members also receive a BONUS access to certain modules from Elevate Your Life & Soulpreneur Jumpstart to support the up-levels.
Mastermind clients are also invited to an in-person live event (Conscious Leadership Rising LIVE) to connect in person & meet other like-minded women. This is tentatively booked for late spring.


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