For those that couldn't attend live, here is the replay!


 0:00 - 8:06 Training prelude (are you in the right place)?

8:07 - My backstory.. the chaos before the rise

9:34 - Growing up poor, getting a brain injury, divorce, chronic pain & realizing I had alcoholism

11:24 - The frequency shift up & learning the power of my mind

12:08 - Deconstructing my life to rebuild on my terms (setting a larger container of possibility)

13:03 - Dreaming bigger started to pay off with creating new businesses

13:40 - How working for myself as a coach has dramatically changed the quality of my life

14:40 - You can grow up dirt poor and then make $500,000 by making a powerful decision

15:37 - The mistakes I made over 5 years of coaching (popularity does not = profitability)

17:08 - Finding patterns of what works & what actually generates income versus what wastes time/energy/money

18:08 - Reverse Service Funnel Sequence training begins!

18:48 - Priority #1 Importance of Creating Your Signature Offering

20:15 - How resistance & fear blocks the development of what is needed

21:30 - Resist the urge to pin ball from offer to offer before they gain the snowball effect

22:00 - Devotion is required & a long game approach

22:33 - Women buy on desire more than if it is “cheap” enough

24:05 - Unleash your most uninhibited work knowing what worked in the past may create stagnation

25:30 - Building hype & excitement in launch periods

27:50 - Permission to break the mold!

29:29 - Becoming “top of mind” for the right people

30:49 - Examples of signature programs

32:50 - Annual income example for coaches ($91,000)

34:50 - Annual income example for established coaches ($171,000)

36:14 - Triggered versus activated - can you see someone else’s success as an example of what you are an energetic match for?

37:25 - Priority #2 Cultivating Trust, Know & Like (creating resonance with your community)

39:50 - Relatability, vulnerability & the art of storytelling are essential

42:40 - Don’t worry about who doesn’t like you - are you doing this for popularity or as an extension of your Soul purpose?

43:45 - Who you are meant to serve, messy action is required for clarity, put your blinders on & quit self-obsessing!

45:00 - Quit trying to do what the “cool kids” are doing

46:14 - Priority #3 Energetic Lead Up To Launch!

47:00 - Creating a climax effect with your launch

49:20 - Planning when to turn on the gas with visibility and avoid turning off your audience

50:00 - Reciprocity energy feels better

50:45 - Avoid sharing to an over-baked audience who is never going to buy as interest is on the descent (they went from warm to hot to BURNT)

51:00 - Facilitating time-sensitive experiences for engagement

56:40 - Transparent selling & being a lighthouse without shrinking yourself down to a flashlight chasing people in DMs

57:14 - Selling & pricing tips

1:01:00 - Transition to sharing about the 90-DAY VIP BUSINESS ACCELERATOR

1:01:55 - Who is it for & what it entails

1:02:44 - Gaining clarity + confidence & deepening your level of impact & resonance with the right people

1:03:12 - Creating a brand essence that feels authentic & magnetic (unleashing your boldest work to the world)!

1:03:50 - Develop and/or elevate your signature offer(s) & create leading edge experiences that set you apart

1:04:10 - Creation of your own customized “reverse” service funnel with step by step support to suit your energy type

1:04:53 - Turning your audience into community who can see the value of investing in your offers

1:05:15 - Shift & elevate energy dynamics to bring forth people ready to take action & invest

1:05:50 - 10 Live Modules & intimate group calls (3-4 women MAX) and so much more included (Private 1:1 call too)!!

1:06:30 - Quality goes down if quantity is too high

1:07:16 - Areas of focus we cover (alllll the specifics)

1:08:26 - Call dates

1:09:00 - Principle of entrainment to speed up acceleration!

1:09:30 - Client testimonials

1:10:00 - Why so many struggle to succeed in the coaching industry

1:10:24 - What you leave with!

1:11:11 - Joy coursing through your veins!! “I did it, I did it!”

1:12:00 - How to take the next steps & apply

1:14:14 - Getting excited! Early bird savings until Monday

1:19:00 - Free gifts!

1:19:54 - Expecting $20,000 to $50,000 in your coaching offer launches

1:20:45 - What is the number 1 regret in life.. the things we did or the things we didn’t do?

Until next time, I love you ladies!


XO Christine

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole