How often is your marketing geared toward your DREAM, match made in heaven, client?🤔

Often, without realizing it, we speak to women who are just *initiating* their self or business development journey. The women who have never invested in their growth & dreams (yet) and so it feels terrifying to them.


Now hear me out.. there is nothing wrong with being in this phase - we ALL start there but…


If you are a coach with the skill set and experience to work with a national or Olympic level athlete🤾🏼‍♂️, would it make sense for you to work with a recreational new comer who just starting to explore the sport? 


Absolutely not - you’d be wasting your gifts and compromising your highest competence (which is a gene 🧬 key of higher or lower frequency).


If you are a mentor with a powerful skill set to transform your clients lives YET your business seems to be stagnant🙃 - ask yourself..


Who have you been speaking to and are they at the best phase to work with you or are you possibly compromising out of fear of leaving people behind (or thinking there are just not people at your level of expertise, which is a scarcity belief)


Something to ponder next time you promote or facilitate a sales call... Are you qualifying your prospects, honouring how valuable your services are or are you spending time convincing people mentorship is valuable because they’re brand new to this world?



What are your thoughts on this?? I'd love to hear  - feel free to reach out and send me a message on Instagram or FB. Until next time, I love you ladies!

XO Christine

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole