In this riff, I share what the MOST important ingredient is in your brand development and/or evolution.

...and it’s not about becoming something else


It’s about ALLOWING the most unabridged version of you to shine out


It’s about genuine, real & even raw


It’s about alignment - - because a “glitzy” brand means nothing if it isn’t from truth


From alignment, your brand (aka your VIBE!) becomes MAGNETIC to the most amazing clients


You start to be the woman who STANDS OUT amongst the sea of service providers & coaches


You & what you have to offer is no longer a dime a dozen but a 1 in trillion!


No one feels like you, no one looks like you … you are irrevocably one of a kind


No one to compete with. No one to compare to.


Just you allowing the MOST EXQUISITE shining light to come piercing through to your community that will be growing much faster than before


And from that place, your all-star (fully committed) and ready to invest clients start showing up like a moth to a flame


You don’t have to “find” them


No more wondering where they are or if they even exist


The synergy you experience with these clients is like nothing else


The work you do, touches & ignites them


They get results.


You get incredible testimonials.


You make a true difference in their lives.


They invest without resistance & you get paid - consistently.


It’s a win - win - win!



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Until next time, I love you ladies!

XO Christine


Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole