My backstory with astrology....

If there is one thing I've had a consistent love affair with the last 11 years, it is astrology. I have been studying it with such an insatiable appetite and always suspected I would become an astrology but much later in life. 


I thought I would embark on this career path in perhaps my 60's! Ha, turns out life had another plan and I will be finishing up my professional certification in astrology by summer ... when I turn 40!


I have to admit, if there is something that really helped me get through these last few years (where I experienced my 2nd round of a spiritual awakening and dark night of the Soul), it was astrology.


You see, I found myself in a narcissistic relationship where I experienced emotional abuse, infidelity and many other difficult things. This person would reprimand me daily that I was "not good enough for him," causing me to self abandon all of my own needs in effort to gain approval and love. Every day I walked on eggshells, never knowing what would set him off and cause an explosion. This was my first romantic relationship with narcissistic abuse and so I missed the warning signs until I was in over my head & felt trapped.


As things escalated, I realized I was replaying the pattern from childhood, experiencing the same gaslighting, intolerance, shaming and put downs, as if I was child again self-abandoning my own needs for my parents. I tolerated about 1 and a half years of active abuse until I found the courage to leave and rebuild my life.


I naively thought I would get back to my old self and feel better upon leaving but, it was only then that I started my healing journey, which had many, many layers of the onion to get through. To my own surprise, I was diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as a side effect of being in that disorientating experience. It is like I had became a shell of the person I used to be, deeply contracted and genuinely scared to shine my light and use my voice ever again.


At times it felt like this difficult time of my life was never going to end, like I was going to stay stuck in a freeze/fawn state forever, where insomnia, nightmares and intrusive flashbacks were dominating my life.


I am bringing up my personal experience to paint a picture of just how helpful astrology ended up being for me because when you feel like things in a certain area of life are never going to change, it can be heart breaking and leave one feeling hopeless.


BUT! I came to understand and make sense of what had been going on in my life by studying my astrology charts. This included my natal chart (what position all the planets, asteroids and sun was in the moment of incarnation which explains general life themes one will encounter and primary areas of success or difficulties for growth & evolution of the Soul) and also my transits (where every planet, star and asteroid is moving now and what exact angles these placements all make with one another) and even secondary chart progressions.


I also came to see how, even within difficult times, nothing will stay the same forever - it just can't as what is taking place in our chart (which is always in motion and changing creating different angles and placements) will undoubtedly bring about newness to different sector of our lives.


This brought a sense of peace and also immense hopefulness for my future to me.  I realized that my PTSD (and other challenges I was facing) were not going to stay and would undoubtedly become a thing of my past. A chapter to teach me pivotal life lessons that I literally incarnated to learn to aid my evolution into my highest expression while on this earth plane.


Astrology is not a practice to blame other people, enable victimhood of ones circumstances or to make excuses as to why someone can't be, do or have something. I don't advocate "blaming" anything on the sky but using it as tool for education, to make the most of energies at play and to help one empower their lives in the direction they most desire.


In other words, support one move into a state of radical acceptance of events, relationships, childhood upbringing, etc. (due to understanding and connecting the dots so to speak) so that one can move forward with optimism for their future and increased confidence in their choices will benefit to their future.


Also, astrology is not simply your sun, ascendant or moon sign.. it is FAR more in depth than that and an extremely intricate system with every detail based in mathematics.


The more I have learned about my own chart and transits, the more I have understood the series of events in my childhood and adult life. The more I have understood what is at play in my chart, the more empowered I have become to make wise decisions that are in alignment with the energies at play.


Also, the more I understand these profound astrological influences, the more peace I am able to make with events that have already unfolded, seeing how they actually make sense given the themes, energies and dynamics that were at play... aka pivotal soul lessons that were to be learned to assist my upward spiral (ascension) journey.


What I can say for sure, is I have never left an astrology reading without excitement and genuine optimism about my future and for that I am so grateful for coming across this ancient system. I am so eager to be able to be of service like this for others who would also benefit from this information, support and guidance.


That all said, I will be ready to offer this service to those interested by June 7, 2024!




As part of the promotional launch of this new & exciting service, I will be offering 50% off for clients who book within June ($100 versus $200) and 25% off for clients who book within July ($150 vs $200)!


PS. I am over the moon excited and ever so grateful to share that I have fully healed from PTSD and no longer experience any of those unwanted symptoms. I have also come out of the freeze/fawn state and feel back to my true and authentic self! Do I think astrology "healed" my life? Nope! I do not.


The most pronounced thing that did make the most progress with healing my PTSD was psychedelics (specifically experiencing the healing plant medicine of ayahuasca during a week long retreat in Costa Rica). 


After 4 nights of ayahuasca, I came home with complete healing of my PTSD symptoms. Not only did the PTSD resolve, but I also found forgiveness at a deep Soul level to everyone I had ever felt hurt or betrayed by... including parents, partners and forgiveness to myself! I will be sharing more about my experience with ayahuasca in upcoming videos on the new youtube channel and podcast (be sure to subscribe to newsletter below to be in the loop when these are ready)!

(pictured below is a group shot from the retreat)


However, I want to share is that when studying my chart (looking at what was going on in the sky the month of going to Costa Rica for healing) it was blatantly obvious that I had all the placements for overseas travelling, taking a spiritual voyage, healing childhood wounds and kickstarting an brand new chapter in my life.  I learned about these placements AFTER I took my journey! So which comes first? The chicken or the egg? I'll leave that one with you!! ;) 


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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole