How to get what you desire in life through faith & the law of attraction

If you haven't heard the term "law of attraction" by this time you've probably been living under a rock. The truth is this concept is becoming more and more mainstream and it is no longer being viewed as just "woo woo" for spiritual people. Many people first heard about this idea with the best selling book, The Secret (which was published way back in 2007) and eventually went on to become a movie. I personally, however, didn't start to learn about the Law of Attraction until the end of 2013 after a series of cataclysmic events that really flipped my life upside down. These events included a divorce, loss of house, friendships changing, fractured skull/brain injury + loss of smell and the icing on the cake.... being cat-fished online (that is when someone pretends to be someone they are not through identity theft and using pictures of someone else). Yes, so in a nutshell, I had a rip-roaring and life altering summer in 2013 which served as a catalyst to get my life back on track and made me want so deeply to feel happier, healthier and supported in my life. I no longer wanted to rely on getting black out drunk to "think" I was "having fun" when in fact I was just drowning my sorrows and falling deeper into my disconnection from spirit.

The truth is my life changed SO MUCH and SO FAST when I finally got it and understood (and implemented) the Universal Law of Attraction. This shift in mindset and belief really took hold in my life at the beginning of 2015. Looking back, it is incredible to see how much I was able to manifest into my life simply by becoming aware of my thoughts and feelings. I became mindful of the dialogue going on in my head. I realized that what I thought about affected how I felt and my feelings. I realized that when I ruminated on a thought that made me feel stress, anxiety, resentment or angst, I then drew in more life experiences that made me feel those same ways. I also realized that when I chose to change those thoughts and not give them anymore time and attention (by changing my focus and thinking about something that felt good); I was then able to attract in life experiences that reflected those improved states of being.

By being aware of where my thoughts went, I was able to direct my energy to good feeling places that allowed me to, at a rapid rate, create my skincare line, (despite the so-called "barrier" of no longer having a sense of smell), followed by my energy healing business (Reiki and crystal healing) and my life & business coaching programs that have transformed dozens of lives.

I would envision the way I wanted to F E E L in my life and my business/brand and (in less than a year) I manifested it into my reality...and it turned out even better than I had planned! This is evidence that the Universe goes to work and lines things up in our favour based on where our thoughts, intentions and energy flows.

By being mindful of the Law of Attraction and how to gradually cultivate new belief systems to deepen our faith in what could go right rather than what could go wrong, miracles start to unfold in our lives. Remember, the Law of Attraction can work against us if we ruminate on what could go wrong but, rest assured, it will and it DOES work for us when we focus on a positive outcome. I can speak from personal experience, that when I realized that my internal world (thoughts, beliefs and emotions) determined my outer world, my entire life changed. I became an energetic match to my wildest dreams, including my healthiest body, most nurturing relationships and deeply rewarding business endeavours...and I know with CERTAINTY, YOU CAN TOO. This is a Universal LAW that works for everyone! Remember, it is your thoughts and feelings that create your reality and it is YOU who has the power to determine your thoughts. YOU are a powerful creator and have the ability to manifest the most grandest vision of your life and are worthy of experiencing the life of your wildest dreams.

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole