Well-Being Benefits of High Vibration Aromatherapy


There are some incredible health & well-being benefits from using essential oils. Mixing them into your body care, bath salts and facial care is one way; however, another is by dabbing them directly onto your pulse points or even smelling the aroma straight from the bottle... perhaps peppermint for a quick pick me up while at the office.

Another way to experience the benefits of these high vibrational oils is to diffuse them into your living space and allow their healing abilities go to work. Two of my favourite ways to permeate these oils into the air of your home or workspace include the following:

1) Nebulizing. This is an excellent way to purify and uplift the energy and air in your home, while at the same time adding moisture. How it works is you fill a nebulizer with water and add a few drops of your favourite essential oils. This safely dilutes them down and allows your air to be misted with a non-toxic and delightful aroma while also offering benefits on a mental, emotional and physical level. Another idea is if your car feels like it has stagnant energy and needs an energy boost, try grabbing an extension cord and bringing your nebulizer out into your vehicle and then leave overnight (with the window left slightly open). The next morning your car will smell amazing and the energy of it will be bright and sparkly!

2) Burning a candle. This is an especially lovely way to permeate the energy of your home with a gentle aroma and beautiful energy. Candles are excellent tools to enhance and amplify the power of the essential oils in which they are blended with.

For example, if you are looking to enhance your mental clarity and focus, a candle blended with essential oils of peppermint or even frankincense will do just that. If you are looking to refresh the room and clear it of any negative energy, it is excellent to burn a candle blended with sage.  

If you are looking to bring in an uplifting aroma and energy, a candle mixed with citrus oils is great; while a candle mixed with lavender or rose is a wonderful way to bring in a loving energy that opens the heart chakra.

There are even essential oils, and crystals for that matter, that resonate more strongly with the angelic realm, if working with the Angels is part of your practice.

Want to take it a step even further?? Try burning a candle or misting a nebulizer that has been mixed with crystal and/or flower essence energy. This really ensures the space becomes permeated with the highest vibrational energy. Different crystals and flowers (as well as essential oils) resonate with different chakras (energy centres) of the human body. This positively influences physical, emotional & mental states and enhances overall well-being. Pretty awesome, indeed! Plus no pharmaceuticals needed:-)

Now think about just how powerful it is to mix all of these high vibrational, Mama Nature derived, ingredients into just one product.  Bodycherish is excited to share the Crystal Candle Collection !

which does just that! Each candle has been made with the highest quality & ethically sourced, natural soy wax as well as different crystal essences, flower essences, organic essential oils + 1 real crystal at the bottom for you to keep once the candle has fully burned! 

If you are curious what a crystal essence is and how Bodycherish's are made, click here for blog post. Also, feel free to email me should you ever wish to have a candle prepared with your choice of essential oils, crystal essences and/or flower essences that most appeal to you!


Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole