Start Doing LIVE Videos! Bring vulnerability to your biz & exchange perfect for relatable to GROW!

I was talking with my mastermind yesterday and we were talking about FB lives. How we each confided that we ALL have some level of resistance bubble up when it comes time to hit record LIVE!


Here’s the thing, I have been doing live streams since march 2017! You’d think I’d be over the resistance but I am not LOL. You see the majority of those lives (up until February just 2.5 months ago) were always inside my private group. It had 1500 women which is A LOT less than my 5000 friends on my personal page.


So I was talking to my mastermind about my own resistance with FB lives now that they are on my personal. On my personal, more people actually know me personally which means I feel more vulnerable sharing.. almost like if everyone was a stranger it would be a lot easier.


Often it is peoples reaction to who you are now and what you are doing now.. who knew you as 1 other way 10 years ago.


I also shared how I have put a pressure on myself to only hop on a do a LIVE if I feel in “the pocket”. That means, in zone, vibing high and crystal clear on what I am inspired to riff on.


The thing with that expectation, is it shows my audience 1 facet of me (the in the pocket/in the zone facet) versus all the other facets that are different… and also RELATABLE because none of us always feel “on”


So this is what it means to really bring vulnerability back to your business. It means you give yourself


Permission to be seen - REALLY seen for who you are.


You are safe to share things you are navigating through and not always be the voice of wisdom - but the voice of relate-ability… like “ah, she gets me she is going through this too!” kinda vibe.


Sometimes entrepreneurs and mentors feel they have to always be a teacher and sharing a different more personal way would discredit them… but it doesn’t. People want to feel like they know, trust and like you and that is harder if you only present 1 single facet of yourself (the in the zone / pocket facet)


Part of being vulnerable and seen is also no longer edit yourself to make those around you comfortable who are not on same wavelength.

Yes, some (maybe a lot) will unfollow you and that is okay b/c they are not your people. BUT where the magic happens is those people who kinda liked you become magnetized to you more. You being so authentic and real (and relatable) is what tells them, yes I want to/need to work with THAT woman. She gets me.


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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole