[NEW VLOG] How To Dream BIGGER & Start Designing Your IDEAL life! Give yourself permission!

Can you feel it? There is an uprising of women who have been awakened and now left questioning the status quo & if there could be something more than what they have been experiencing. 

That said, there is still some resistance (from others) with women being able to step up and into their power. This often comes from people who don't understand why you want more out of life. They say things like:

  • “Just be happy with the fact you have a job .... why does it have to be passion based and purposeful?”
  • “Just be grateful you have enough money to pay your bills. Why do you want to make so much, isn’t this enough for you?”
  • “Isn’t being a mom or wife enough for you to be fulfilled? Why do you want something more?”
  • “Being with someone is better than no one. Soulmates aren’t a real thing”
  • “Who does she think she is? Waltzing through life believing she is worthy of having it all??”

If any of these questions struck a cord inside your heart, there’s a very good chance you are the kind of woman meant to enrol in Elevate Your Life (Transformational 16 Week Journey that Catapults Already Successful Women into the 1% of the 1%).

It is for women willing to give themselves permission to dream big and be open to believing they are deserving and worthy of having their deepest desires, unique to them, come true.

Yep, it’s not for everyone and not for women scared of what others will think. It’s for bad-ass lightworkers, with hearts of gold, who believe their crazy-audacious dreams do matter and can come to life!🙌🏻💥

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to book a connection call here with a member of the team.

Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole