For those curious about astrological influences...


It started off with a lunar eclipse in sagittarius on June 5th, followed by a solar eclipse on June 21st and yet another lunar eclipse July 5th. In essence, hold on tight!💥⁣ (LISTEN TO PODCAST ON THIS TOPIC HERE)

What do eclipses do?🌑

They brings things to light and to the surface. What has been hidden or unclear bursts through. This occurs at the macrocosm (social events, politics, and of course the massive wake up call that racism is alive and needs to be addressed✊🏾) and also the microcosm (personal).

Eclipses are also known for either clearing things out that no longer serve you or bringing in something new that may seem out of left field. ⁣

Example, an archaic system is being illuminated for it’s unethical way of treating black people and we the people are rising up and demanding CHANGE.⁣

We are now going to be seeing the old systems assessed (healthcare, environment, resources, politics, banking) - not just during the 4 weeks of eclipse season, but over the next many years as we fully shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age

Keep in mind we also have:⁣

JUPITER, SATURN, PLUTO, VENUS ALL IN RETROGRADE & SOON MERCURY will also on the 18th of June followed by NEPTUNE going retrograde on the 22nd! (woah nelly😯!!)⁣

What does that all mean? In a nutshell, a lot of things may not feel clear and certain and many things from the past will be coming back up for review.⁣

We are also in the transition of the Ages. We have been in the Piscean Age for just over 2000 years. That is how long each Age lasts and why the “Great Year” lasts approx 25 thousands years (the time for us to move through each zodiac sign at a macrocosm level). ⁣

Whenever we change Ages, it doesn’t happen smoothly. Just the same way humans do not change unless put under pressure and discomfort, this resistance also shows up with astrology (we are just a microcosm aspect).

Change is always inspired through discomfort and desire for things to be different and better. This is what is happening right now on a global level.⁣

Do you study astrology too? What are your thoughts? Do you think it is hocus pocus or do you resonate with it as well?⁣ 

XO Christine 

Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole