[Gymnastics compilation] Steadily decline OR allow life to exponentially GET BETTER EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

6 years ago, when I turned 29, I was faced with a pivotal choice point: either keep allowing my life to steadily decline OR allow my life to exponentially GET BETTER EVERY SINGLE YEAR.⁣

I was at a major crossroads to say the least.⁣

I just got divorced and had my “white picket fence” vision for how my life was going to unfold coming crashing down hard.⁣

⁣I just got a traumatic brain injury, skull fracture & loss of smell from falling down my staircase (drunk).⁣

I was also in the process of realizing the shocking truth I had developed an addiction to alcohol.⁣

I also lost my house and truly got stripped of my sense of identity in this world (I mean, who was I if I was no longer on the path I thought was laid out for me?)⁣

⁣So at this major junction in my life I had 2 choices. Keep going the downward direction I was (which was full of disappoint & auto-pilot living) OR pull a 180 so freakin’ hard it would make my head spin.⁣

I chose the second.⁣

I chose me and this meant finding out who “me” really was underneath all the labels and expectations of others. ⁣

I was afforded the gift of rebuilding my life from the ground level up.⁣

I discovered along the way, that I have A LOT of passions and to my own surprise, a lot of drive & ambition to have those passions come to life (aka my soulpreneur businesses).⁣

I also discovered my fitness prime was not over just because of my age, but rather, it had JUST BEGUN! ⁣

Society says it’s all downhill for health & fitness as we enter our 30’s but now at 35 I have never been more vibrant and full of energy. I am now able to do things with my body I never thought possible (from my old and outdated belief systems).⁣

Starting my gymnastics journey at 29 (when my life was in the gutter), was the FIRST step of many powerful transformations that soon followed. I started out, barely being able to hold a handstand, but 1 step at a time, things got better.⁣

This taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life: ⁣

When we do something that is scary, that we have not done before, it teaches us WE ARE CAPABLE OF ALL THINGS we viewed as scary and beyond thought we get to experience.⁣

Without learning to do gymnastics again, I am not sure if I would have found the courage & self-belief to become an entrepreneur & quit my “golden handcuff” corporate career.⁣

I hope this story inspires someone to follow their own passions / joy pursuits (even if they are terrifying) and know that on the other side of bold actions are always extraordinary results.⁣


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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole