High Vibin' Body Scrub {mocha orange}

Why hello there, soft and supple skin! 

This High Vibin' Body Scrub is truly a 3 in 1 treasure as it effectively cleanses, exfoliates & moisturizes the skin with organic oils and the vibrational and energy healing powers of crystal and flower essences!

Nature's elements: *fair trade & freshly ground coffee beans,*Olea europaea (extra virgin olive oil), *Vitis vinifera (grapeseed oil),*Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil), *Cocoa, vegetable glycerine, essential oils of *Citrus Sinesis (orange) & *Vanilla planifolia (vanilla) & the vibrational healing powers of hornbeam flower essence & citrine & carnelian crystal essences made in glacial spring water, charged under the full moon & infused with Reiki *=Certified Organic

Ritual: apply in circular motions starting at the feet and ending at the shoulders and neck while showering. Use 1-2 times/week for skin to feel incredibly moisturized and soft.

Size: comes in an earth friendly & big 500 ml glass jar that will last up to 3 months if used once/week

Crystal & Flower Essences Used: 
*Carnelian - Helpful for promoting positive feelings & self trust; while diminishing depression. Also known to enhance libido, balance and detoxify the body and sharpen concentration.

*Citrine Known for it's ability to draw in abundance (prosperity, joy, successes) and also it's ability to raise ones self esteem and confidence; while enhancing concentration and creating emotional balance. 

*HornbeamKnown to enhance energy and enthusiasm required for completion of life's tasks. Helpful for those experiencing fatigue or sluggishness by promoting feelings of vitality and strength.

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