This unique offering is for the woman who doesn't want to invest the time working alongside a mentor, but instead receive the most laser sharp plan that feels aligned to her unique goals and dreams.

This call would be scheduled in approximately 8 weeks from now.


This offering comes with:


--> Powerful pre-work to assist me with a business audit and also future vision casting plan (this would be submitted 48 hours before your call to allow me adequate time to review)⁣

--> 1 x 90-120 minute deep dive session ⁣

This session will cover:⁣

--> We will clarify WHAT can be added, tweaked, modified in your business model to bring the highest level of fulfilment, joy, impact, prosperity (and time freedom)!⁣

--> We will clarify aspects of your brand essence & evolution

--> We will map out a 12 month business plan example of how you could run your inspired business⁣

--> We illuminate a very clear marketing approach to deepen your trust, know & like factor

--> We will clarify the BEST way to sell your services &/or products & put an easy to follow plan in place to guide you on your journey

In essence, we clarify the MOST important and essential steps (that also feel ALIGNED to your unique energy type) to complete in order to reach your future vision (and also the order that will be most beneficial to avoid overwhelm)⁣

If this feeeeels like a resounding YES in your body, let me know by completing this application form here