For those of you looking for support with building, branding and launching your own podcast (which in my opinion is needed to succeed these days if you don't want to be a slave to content creation on IG or FB), then I have a new offer now available.

Build, Brand & Launch Your Podcast includes:
-ALL the technology support you could ever imagine (the how to side of things with screen sharing to walk you through the harder parts of audio editing)

-ALL the creative development support to ensure you bring forth a podcast that feels so authentic and aligned to you (this includes clarity on what you talk about, what you say in your intro & how people find you)

-ALL the business support to get the right equipment, the perfect thumbnail designs and also how to get onto all the major podcast platforms

-ALL the education and know-how on getting ideal guests onto your show and also how to get yourself featured on OTHER podcasts to increase your social media reach back to you, your work and your podcast!

-ALL the support with the music side of things

-ALL the support learning how to market and monetize via your podcast.

Package is 12 weeks in length if we do 1:1 calls every second week (totalling 6 deep dive sessions) but we can also expedite it and do weekly calls IF you feel going that fast is possible (that means the length would then be 6 weeks versus 12). However, as most people have a busy life and schedule, calls every 2 weeks may work best.

Each call is recorded so you have access to replay everything we talk about but also to watch any of the screen sharing that takes place.

Voxer audio support

Simply click here to shoot me an email sharing your interest about creating and launching your own podcast:) ONE SPOT LEFT!