This "monergy" making experience is best suited for conscious entrepreneurs & visionary coaches.

In this exclusive 8 week course, you’ll learn how to smash through income blocks, remodel your money mindset & attract more abundance into your life & business as well as:

* Rearrange your energy & feelings toward money 
(find your money blocks + create a positive relationship so that you can attract more)

* Break old, disempowering habits of thought and create new belief systems

* Dream bigger and smash unrealistic goals on a consistent basis 
(finally hit your first 5 figure month & then do it again and again)

* Expand your freedom & live a lifestyle that feeds your soul

* Get out of debt fast & build your assets

* Learn to build your empire & multiple revenue streams - doing what you love

* Grow your net worth so you can roll into retirement rich, happy and free!

* Raise your prices & attract ONLY ideal customers & clients

* Dissolve ancestral imprints of scarcity and lack 
(clear subconscious blocks to more money)

Are you ready to finally let go of the beliefs holding you back from 5 figure months?

You know, the thoughts that tell you:

"Just be satisfied with making ends meet"
"It's greedy & selfish to want more money"
"It's unrealistic to earn multiple 6 figures doing what you love"

These are disempowering thought patterns we break 
(and then replace with new ones) in Abundant Boss Queen

Do you feel trapped & unable to quit your day job,  so you can have the freedom to commit fully to your dream career?

Do think it has to be one or the other?

1) Either, work in a job you don't like, that pays the bills, in exchange for your happiness & freedom 
2) Or, do what you love - but at the sacrifice of earning less

If you nodded yes to any of those things, I can relate because I've been there myself.

I never imagined I could triple my income and also have the freedom to work for myself. 

I told myself (as I was on the cusp of quitting my corporate 9 year career), that I'd be happy to just "earn enough to get by" I was willing to make less money if it meant I could have the freedom to do my purposeful work.

That is until I questioned my old belief systems & asked myself, what does TRUE freedom actually look and FEEL like, and what would need to be in place for me to experience that?

Are you ready to challenge what's currently blocking you from money and how you can receive it? 

    Imagine a life where you can make more money 
    & not just in exchange for your time

    Let me ask you...

    Can you make someone richer by limiting your own level of cash flow? 

    The answer is no. 

    In Abundant Boss Queen you learn how to align with your highest potential
    (which includes experiencing financial freedom, success and joy) 

    Instead of settling for status quo, are you willing to dream more expansively & say YES to the prosperity, freedom & joy that is available to you now?


    8 Weeks To Attract More Monergy Into Your Life & Business!

    • 8 Transformative Modules 
    • 24 Video Trainings (Lifetime Access)
    • New content released each week that you'll have lifetime access to - so you never have to worry about falling behind
    • Powerful Course Workbooks
    • Receive weekly homework with action steps & enjoyable exercises that will ensure true and lasting results in your finances and remodelled mindset 
    • Bonus Manifestation Tutorials
    • Receive a powerful EFT (tapping) & kundalini kriya tutorial to support your money manifestation abilities  

    Abundant Boss Queen Modules 

    Kick-off with 7 powerful bonus video trainings that will truly up-level your way of thinking - BIG TIME! I highly recommend watching all 7 throughout the program (which comes with 24)

    Day 1

    Module 1: Facing Your Financial Fears, Plugging Your Money Leaks & Expanding Your Wealth Consciousness

    Improve your relationship with money & start taking strategic action to become an Abundant Boss Queen

    Day 7

    Module 2: Inviting More Monergy Into Your Home & Bank Account

    Creating space for more wealth in your environment, while decluttering and detoxifying your inner & outer worlds

    Day 14

    Module 3: Unlocking Your Financial Miracle ~ Allowing & Receiving More Abundance & Success Into Your Life!

    Give yourself permission to become prosperous & rich + totally obsessed with the dream life & business you have created

    Day 21

    Module 4: Reframing Debt, Clearing Money Blocks & Shifting Belief Systems (Shattering The Old Paradigm)

    Dissolve ancestral imprints of scarcity & lack, passed on from generations before you, while smoothly eliminating debt with ease

    Day 28

    Module 5: Building The Right Business & Growing Your Net Worth

    Grow your net worth, raise your prices & expand your assets the Boss Queen way

    Day 35

    Module 6: Embracing The Flow Of Money ~ Magnetizing Your Dream Clients & Customers

    Create space for people who can't wait to buy from you & finally free yourself from worry & doubt

    Day 42

    Module 7: Multiple 6 Figures & Beyond With This Think & Grow Rich Mentality

    Learn the immeasurable value of knowing your stats & dream-casting ahead

    Day 49

    Module 8: Committed Action & Follow Through To Get Massive Results

    Stay on track with your inspired goals & make a plan to get shit done! Plus, countless bonus resources & supportive tools.

    You didn't come this far to stop now 

    Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.
    This may sound obvious but the truth is we often forget this. 

    It is more common for entrepreneurs to struggle in business and "hope" things will improve, rather than take new actions, decisions & behaviours, and also think new thought-patterns that will become new belief systems.

    ABQ provides you with both ends of the spectrum (the mindset & spiritual aspect to ensure vibrational resonance) but also the tangible business steps that are strategic & powerful.

    Course access via the private membership site will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours!!

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