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"Also, I meant to mention, I looooooooove The Duo I got from you!! I;ve used it religiously since I got it and it is amazing! I am floored that you can do it so perfect even without your sense of smell! That is an accomplishment! My face looks and feels AMAZING! Thank you!!

"So thankful I was introduced to this Organic Facial Serum years ago❤️! Used to buy super heavy, expensive face moisturizers for my dry skin. This is all I need and works way better than my old products👏 Highly recommend trying it if you haven't. Amy

"As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started using the Bodycherish Skin Quench every single day, on my belly, butt, thighs and breast. I gained 75 lbs by the end of. my pregnancy and I do not have one stretch mark! It felt so good applying too, knowing that I was nourishing not only my body but my growing baby with the best ingredients and the powers of Reiki energy. Thanks again for such a magical creation Christine 💖" Pauline

"The Facial Toning Elixir & Organic Facial Serum are my ABSOLUTE favorite things and I have been using them every day since 2019 👏 I couldn't imagine using any other kind of make up remover on my face ever again!!!" Carrie-Anne

"I've only been using [Facial Ritual Kit] for a few days, but this stuff is AMAZING!!!! Can't wait to see results in a week or two!" Shannon

"I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of Your Products!!!" Pauline 

"I’m obsessed with your skin quench and it has made my hands soft and healthy...especially the cuticles, they never looked so good." Diane

"Hi Christine, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know once again how amazed I am with your products. I ordered the sun cream for the first time and just picked it up from the post box today. Omg!!!! It smells like heaven in a jar. It feels so nice and light on my skin... you are truly magical💜

Thank you again and I hope you have a great weekend. And congratulations on your up coming tiny human❤️❤️ It’s a true joy to be on your mailing list and follow your story. Take care and namaste💜💜"

"I got your Facial Ritual Kit today & I have to say... I am absolutely in love and my skin is so happy with me!! The first day I used it my partner thought I put on make up because my skin was already glowing. Thank you so much for making incredible products with so much intention put into them. I was searching for a skincare line like this for so long. You have a lifetime customer with me 100%!! I see improvement everyday in my skin, and the serum smells so good! Thank you so much please keep making amazing things and also making a huge difference in peoples lives in all that sunshine you radiate! I feel so much more confident without make up!! Thank you soooo much! Seija

"I can't remember the last time I had acne since using your skin care!!"Amanda

"I think I’m officially obsessed with the toner and scrub and can not wait to try the oil! Have a beautiful Sunday!" Kendal 

"I was at the winter wonderland market a few weeks ago and purchased some of your products and I absolutely love them. My skin has never felt better!" Janessa 

"Hey there, I just placed another order (facial ritual kit)... Thank you for transforming my skin and all that you do, your energetic and crysrtal vibrations are very much felt through your products, the love oozes into my skin shining back at me." Amanda

"Few things. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS!!! Even if they didn't work, the fact that when I use The Duo I feel like I am loving myself, makes it worth it! The body butter with Reiki has been amazing for my psoriasis...As an energetically sensitive man I am so happy that I tried your products. Keep it up! Not many products you can feel the love when using them."

"Hi Christine, I am LOVING my Organic Body Detox oil. I love the smell and feel. I got two for Christmas gifts and they are going to be very hard to give away but I will...Thank you for making such an amazing product….XOXO" Noella

"WOW! Just WOW! I started the Facial Ritual Kit last night (facial toning elixir & organic facial serum) - so once - and woke up this morning & my skin had visible improvements (plumper, fine lines GONE) & felt much better (smoother & softer)... I really can’t believe this.... just used it again this morning & I think I actually heard my skin say “Ahhhh”.... I’m beyond grateful Christine!! 💖 You are amazing!! If you haven’t tried this you really need to!" Jenny

"Hi I bought your toner and serum at the wellness fair. Love it. Honestly I notice a difference in my skin, softer, more clarified and it has a glow !! Pretty amazing ! Thank you. Will be ordering more from you soon... Thanks!! Angela

"Hi Christine Nicole!! I ordered the facial ritual kit from you a couple weeks ago and wanted to thank you for the beautiful rose quartz that you added, that was such a nice surprise! I have had the opportunity to watch the videos and try each of the masks and OMG they are amazing!! The Glacial Clay I think is my favorite. The vitamin c nice and refreshing and the green tea, the smell reminds me of the Skinners Pond harbor in P.E.I.....seaweed or something lol. I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I had purchased the duo from you at the New Earth expo and used it dailyish...just running out last week. Now cant wait to wash my face when I get up and bedtime cant come soon enough! Looking forward to ordering more in the future!! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing creation and your energy🕯💖 Thank you!!" Pauline 

"Hi! Just wanted to write you and let you know how much I love your skincare products! I'm so happy we got to talk at the market! For the first time in years I'm so comfortable leaving the house without makeup! The products make my skin look and feel amazing. My skin doesn't feel dried out and unhealthy, it just feels amazing!" Samantha

"Hi Christine, I just wanted to send you a message and say thank you ...My skin is already starting to improve and for the first time in ever it feels like my face is "breathing" if that makes sense. I'm really looking forward to a few months from now with this facial ritual kit based care. Thank you for your dedication and care with your products. As an ultra-sensitive person, the crystal and energy infusing is felt and appreciated. Its like the bottles glow by my sink, and I have never ever looked forward to do a face mask, but now I have to remind myself all the time to wait a day or two before doing another one. Also, yours are the only products I have tried in the last year that don't cause another reaction as I am sensitive. Looking forward to receiving my other orders and trying out your body oils and clearing candle for my meditation time. Much love and gratitude." Amanda 

"I purchased the Facial Ritual kit over a month ago and I am so happy with it. Thank you for creating such magical potions. 

I have struggled with acne and scars since puberty and more recently my skin started being more dry and dull. But not anymore!! My skin is brighter, firmer, and hydrated. I still have the odd breakout, care of my frenemy chocolate, but those pesky zits don't hang around long and the scarring is minor. This Facial Ritual kit has some serious magical super powers.

Between the simplicity of the routine and the super powers of the ingredients, the way I take care of my skin is forever changed. Thank you!" Tasha 

"It goes on like lotion, not like tar...which is how I feel about other sunscreen. I have another organic sunscreen I used last year & it goes on so sticky and is hard to wash off & clogs my pores. This one does not! It feels amazing, nourishing and washes off easily. The verdict is in. This non-toxic all-natural sunscreen is the fucking shit. I have used it everyday gardening in full sun and my super fair skin is not burnt at al and somehow a bit tanner!" Jennifer 

"I have been using your facial skincare daily for about 3-4 weeks now. I cannot tell you how amazing my skin looks and feels and the compliments I've been getting! Just saw your sunscreen is back too!!"

"I have been using all your face products since then and am in LOVE with my skin! No more random break outs!!

 I also purchased the organic body detox oil and purchased a few more to sell in my clinic with a few clients in mind. I sold them within a day, and the results from my client going through cancer/breast surgery is amazing! She has an implant in her breast that pumps up to stretch her own skin, and when she came in for treatments she looked very uncomfortable laying in the maternity cushion. But after a couple of weeks of using your detox serum she came back in and I was shocked to see she was laying much better in the cushion. I asked her before she came in if she noticed any difference, and she said no, but wow were we shocked that she was able to lay there with better comfort! She is going in for surgery next month to finish her breast surgery journey and I know she will be in a better place of recovery and confidence! Really glad I found you and this wonderful product!" Danni 

"Hi Christine, first of all, I want to start by saying my daughter and I absolutely love your facial skin care products.  We have been using them for about 3 weeks and our skin looks so healthy and dewy. It just glows. We will definitely be ordering more. I am a breast cancer survivor and have tried many natural skin care lines, and I am so happy that I have found yours.  It is amazing... Having had breast cancer I am very cautious now what I put in and on my body and only use beauty products that are free of parabens and toxic chemicals.  I am so happy to have found you.  Christine you are such an inspiration, and you are filled with such positive energy.  I wished you lived in here, but it is great I can order your products on-line." 

"This stuff [Organic Dry Skin Repair] works amazing!!!! I can't believe how much my nails have grown!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Must order more... I haven't been able to grow my nails… ever.  I can’t even explain how it happened, but I started rubbing this oil on my hands and nails right before I went to bed every night, and voila! Thick, strong, healthy nails. This oil is amazing! not just for nails, the entire body!!!!" Shauna 

"I absolutely love these salt crystals 💜 they smell incredible and it's great me time !! Had my self care Saturday night ! Full moon, detox bath and meditation"

"Your products are amazing! I just wanted to let you know that your facial skin care products have made a big difference on my face already. My face is less red and my skin is softer. I also like that with the serum my makeup looks dewy." Jean 

"Thank you so so much ? I'm absolutely in love with these facial products as they don't react with my skin and make it flare up ! Super handy to travel with too!!" Jessica 

"MY FACE FEELS AMAZING! I love it love it love it !!!!" Tasha

"I just wanted to let you know that I used the (High Vibin') scrub this morning, and couldn't resist adding the (Vanilla Mint) body butter, and they are both absolutely incredible! I will need to be ordering these by the gallon size LOL. One of my favourite things in life is coffee, so the scrub was right up my alley!" Christy 

"P.s. I used the vitamin c with the elixir and serum this morning.. you were so right. My face feels like a baby's bottom!" Jessica 

"How can I get my hands on more of the Organic Facial Oil you gave me? It's the first thing that has actually worked for me. Literally in 4 years of acne. I wanted to wait until my period started to come so I could see if my skin flared up.. and it has been quite mild! But I've also had WAY more stress lately (flying) so I'm shocked" Sophie 

"I am loving my new skincare products!" Lauren 

"My box arrived!!! It was quicker than I thought it would be! I am in love with your products! I've never had a skin regime before but I'm doing the facial kit twice a day and feeling lovely! Thank you so much for all your efforts!" Natasha

"I am absolutely loving my toning elixir and oil and the masks. Just breathing in the scents makes me feel uplifted!" Kim 

"Who knew that something as simple as taking care of your skin after a shower makes you feel like 1 million dollars =) Thank you for making such amazing products. I look forward to ordering more. Cheers!"

"I wanted to let you know that I am a HUGE FAN of your Vanilla Mint Organic Beauty Butter! Not only does this product melt instantly into your skin, it does not leave a sticky or oily residue as do most body butters. I also love the fact that a little of the product goes a long way.

I also am really excited that this product is made with all natural ingredients, and, if I may say so, I have found that because the beauty butter also contains crystal essences, this is what makes the product unique. I feel rejuvenated and pampered all at the same time, which makes me feel good! If I could bathe in this product, I totally would.This is something that will definitely help my skin stay well hydrated over the course of the dry winter months!" Nicole 

"My skin is so much BRIGHTER after only two months of incorporating these three  products [Facial Toning Elixir, Organic Facial Serum & Hydrate & Cleanse] in my daily skin care ritual. Not only are these products way more affordable than my previous (chemical-based) skin care routine but they last a long time too! Bonus!" Erin

"I absolutely love Organic Body Detox purifying oil by BodyCherish!! I have been using this oil for the past few months and can’t believe what a difference I have noticed in the reduction of cellulite and increase in tone and moisture of my skin. My favourite way to use this product is by applying after dry brushing my thighs and buttocks. I also apply this to my groin, bottom of my feet and breast after every shower to stimulate lymph drainage.

As an acupuncturist, I have recommended this product to number of patients who are receiving chemotherapy. These patients have a weakened immune system and are being over loaded with harsh chemicals which the Organic Body Detox oil helps to draw out. I also love to use this product on patients who have hormonal imbalances like PMS and menopause. I would highly recommend this product as a daily treat to your cherish your body. P.S. If you haven’t tried the Facial Toning Elixir and Organic Facial Serium duo, you are truly missing you. I have tried other toners and serums and nothing compares. They are both so light on the skin and I love the subtle scent. Even my boyfriend has taken to using them!" Tamara 

"I have tried all of the masks and love them all. My skin feels incredible, I am so in love with your facial products!" Carrie 

"I love your services and LOVE your products!! I think it is important to talk about Hayden's sensitive skin and how she will only use your stuff :) I will be stalking up for xmas soon :)" Colleen 

"Picked some more pink Himalayan bath salts. Also and trying the organic skin quench. I used the organic skin quench this morning and have felt so amazing, calm and happiness. Thank you for ur amazing gift of making these wonderful healing products they truly are amazing" Hailey 

"I love it all! I've tried so many store bought brands and will never go back. I can't believe what goes into all of their products." Suzanne 

"Well, I smothered myself in this delightful concoction (Natural Sun Cream) before my son's football practice. Not only did I smell divine, I escaped unscathed from sitting in the sun for an hour!" JoAnne 

"I just want to tell you...I've been using your Organic Body Detox oil. 15 years ago I developed a cyst under my right arm. It's flared up many times since and left me with some fairly large lumps and scars. After just a couple days of using the oil I noticed the lumps were smaller! At this point they are nearly gone. Awesome product. Thank-you. Excited to get all the products in the clinic!" Cora

"I have really enjoyed the oils; especially the Organic Body Detox oil.  I wanted to let you know that several months before you visited in late March, I had started getting some weird sensations in both my breasts, feeling like I may have lumps.  I was about to seek out a doctor to investigate (I really hate going to the doctor).  After I started using the detox oil on my breasts, the sensations went away (it did take several days).  I have found that if I quit applying the oil, the sensations come back in a couple days.  This has happened about 3 times. Later, I saw on your testimonial page that several other ladies have had similar experiences.  Thank you so much!  (plus, I like the way it smells-all 3 oils)" Susan

"I recently went for an ultrasound because I noticed some lumps in my breasts and so I went to see my Doctor for an initial exam... I felt unsettled... so I started reading and started body brushing to encourage lymphatic drainage, and started using my Body Detox Oil, as well as reducing my meat consumption and eating more raw, wholesome veggies. I went to the ultrasound and the radiologist said he saw nothing concerning. The initial lump I felt which was hard and at least the size of a large frozen pea is gone. So crazy... I read that detoxing and body brushing can get rid of breast cysts and for real it has happened to me. My lump is gone. Crazy. Not to mention, I feel amazing. So thanks so much for being an inspiration. xoxo"  Megan 

"I would just like to share a testimonial regarding the Organic Body Detox (purifying oil). I have been treating a client for a completely unrelated issue. Although she has been in menopause for a few years, lately she has been experiencing severe breast tenderness and swelling. Her GP did run all the tests to eliminate breast cancer etc and determined that it is hormone related. Last week she came in and was in severe discomfort, I asked her if she would like to try the Detox oil, she said she would try anything at this point because nothing she had tried has helped. So I stepped out of the room so she could apply the oil as directed. I saw my client yesterday and she reported she has no more pain. She was so amazed at the results that she drove all the way to Sherwood Park to pick up a bottle for herself." Irma

"Loving it...I really do like or the vitamin C polish as my skin feels super soft afterwards, and the pink mask is awesome too! And I love the serum. I love it all!" Beatrice

"My nightstand is pretty sweet now with my amazing skincare and detox ritual thanks to BodyCherish. I sleep sounder when I use my Organic Body Detox and wake up feeling much more rested! I also no longer find myself grinding my teeth as much." Suzanne 

"I've been meaning to tell you how much I loveeeee the facial elixir and serum! You have got an amazing thing going with Body Cherish. Keep it inspirational, my friend! Count me in for your next order as I don't want to be without my new twice-a-day facial ritual!" Jill 

"I absolutely love your facial line." 

"I am absolutely in love with your toning elixir product. It makes my skin feel like it's glowing with love and good vibes." Mercedes 

"I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your products for a few days now and I am so beyond impressed! It's amazing because even though the packaging and labeling are very simple, the contents speak for themselves and are truly special. There are very few products that you can feel contain such love and energy. 

I'm going to be focusing more on some of the soul searching that I'm doing, and my journey in self love, and your line perfectly fits with that in many ways. It came into my life at the exact right moment! I've been using those few minutes when I apply the skin care items to connect with and thank my body, almost as a meditation in mindfulness. The body oil is the best one I've tried for my dry, winter skin and I am totally hooked on the vanilla mint scent of the butter - it reminds me of After Eights! I will have to try your other ones now too as I imagine they are also amazing." Alanna 

"I just want to say how happy I am with your product. I used the body oil when I came out of the shower and it feels and smells Divine. The vanilla mint body butter is wonderful too! Thank-you so much. I will share your product with my team, maybe it is something we could promote at the clinic. Cheers!" Chantelle 

"I recently discovered your Organic Vanilla Lavender Body Butter and I completely fell in love with it and now I am obsessed! I am personally a huge proponent of the organic, non-gmo, healthy and conscience lifestyle. I believe that we all need to really embrace this lifestyle in order to protect the longevity of our health and well being." Erin 

"I am totally in love with all the goodies I got! I was so excited about everything that I got my coworkers to try it and they were in love with it all so you may see an order from them soon!"  Paulina 

"Thank-you so much for my goodies, love everything! Nathan and I both had baths last night to try the salts. Just wonderful. Kids want to try them too." Shandelle

"All natural, organic and pure and it (vanilla mint) smells sooo good! I would highly recommend it. Thank-you BodyCherish." Amanda 

"Love love the vanilla mint body butter! Thank-you so much!" Trina 

"The vanilla mint one smells good too. I noticed that it leaves my skin feeling smoother but not greasy like certain types of lotion." Dustin 

"I just bought some stuff and received it yesterday. I am in love with it!!!!" Lindsay 

"I do have to mention that I found out that my daughter has really sensitive skin and cannot use many products on her skin as they irritate it. Christine provided a sample of the Organic Beauty Butter in Vanilla Citrine and it’s the best product on the market!! My daughter loves putting it on her and says that she smells like Terry’s Orange Chocolate. She smells fantastic and her skin is moisturized with all natural products. This stuff is amazing for you ...and your kids!" Colleen 

"Yay!!! They are perfect!! Thank you so much. We are so fortunate to have Body Cherish part of the Sweet Pea & Noelle family... GREAT NEWS! We sold out of Bath salts and need to order WAY more! How does 15 sound? Thank you!"

"Love, LOVE my new products!! thanks much!" Dora