Hey pretty lady, 

Before I take some time off from work this summer (to move cities with Nevvy!), I will be facilitating one FINAL Masterclass Training on the topic of women & alcohol.

SIGN UP HERE > 🌞 DAY CLASS: 9:00 am Pacific | 10:00 am Mountain | 11:00 am Central | 12:00 pm Eastern⁣ 

SIGN UP HERE >🌙NIGHT CLASS: 6:00 pm Pacific | 7:00 pm Mountain | 8:00 pm Central | 9:00 pm Eastern.

Expect to be there for 90 mins... yes, there is that much content!!

This will be a POTENT and life changing training that shares the 5 ESSENTIAL STEPS to Get/Stay Sober and in doing so, Live an Epic Life on YOUR TERMS with ZERO Compromise.

This class will be your springboard to greatness because if you've battled booze (now or in the past) you Are One Of The Lucky Ones.

You get a bigger and better future because of it ❤

This class is for those who...⁣

💖Want to get sober and stay that way (aka live epically)!⁣ or

💖Are already sober, want to stay that way and be connected with like minded, amazing & successful women! ⁣⁣

...and on a fully transparent level, at the very end of the class (for those curious to receive ongoing support in their journey ahead) I will be sharing details about the new Get Sober, Live Epically monthly membership for women. This will be a leading edge intimate group coaching program & curriculum that will change the course (for the better) of your life with an option to enrol privately 1:1 as well.


But in the meantime, there's a whack-a-doodle of the latest videos and podcasts on my website sharing everything that's always kept hidden for women and alcohol. Feel free to binge watch/listen before next week's final masterclasses on Wednesday!!