I AM inspired & free

The I AM inspired & free offering is the perfect addition to a Reiki session for those looking to work on their sacral plexus chakra. This offering is very helpful for those who want to let go of any addictive tendencies which may include, but are not limited to: food, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, sex, drama, social media, and relationship codependency.  An overactive sacral plexus chakra can be just as challenging in our lives as a blocked one. They key is getting all the energy centres balanced and flowing in harmony. 

When the sacral plexus chakra if balanced, you will feel joy and pleasure from healthy pursuits, versus overindulgence in some that can be detrimental. You will also feel passion and creativity pouring through you as well as a healthy sex drive when balanced. The crystals used in this session will help to dissolve and bust through blocks that may be holding you back from feeling inspired & creative; while also helping you let go of dependency on things used to "make" you feel better. Your sense of well-being will start to come from within & increased creative with come forth.

What to expect: If you have battled with some form of addiction, whether that be sugar, social media, relationship codependency or nicotine, it will likely still be present the day after your treatment. But that is not to say that subtle, even powerful changes, have not occurred on an energetic level. Crystal healing is powerful on it’s own but when combined with the healing power of Reiki, this incredible healing energy is able to reach its full potential when it mingles with the client receiving the service.

The thought is that the healing energy flows to where it will be of best service to kickstart and activate your own innate healing abilities, thus dissolving the root of the challenge or block. This may occur at a physical and/or emotional/mental and/or spiritual level depending on where the barrier may reside.

For example, you may not have conscious awareness that your subconscious mind has a negative imprint from early childhood that has affected your beliefs and relationship pertaining food or relationships. Or you may have subconscious beliefs that it is impossible to be free from your addictions. These blocks can be minimized and even dissolved when we include energy work as part of our holistic health and self-love and care regime.

Crystal Grid Examples:

Prior to providing the Reiki, a grid layout specific to the healing intention, is placed on top of the client's abdomen or back, in addition to 1 crystal placed at or near each 7 primary chakra centres.

One crystal used in the healing session in then provided as a gift to take home with you. This way, you can continue to take with you the energy and intention of the healing session.