Detox, Renew & Recharge

The Detox, Renew & Recharge offering is the perfect addition to a Reiki session for those looking to clear out stagnant or negative energy in order to make space for the new. This offering is especially helpful if you work in an energetically taxing environment that leaves you feeling burnt out or fatigued.

It is also beneficial for anyone who may be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or an empath. People who carry these traits are extra sensitive to the energies around them and can be left feeling drained.  The crystals and intention of this healing session will help you to purge & clear out anything that is not serving your highest good, while bringing in the positive & recharging energy that you desire.

If you are doing a cleanse or physical detox of some sort, this will also be helpful. This crystal layout, including the specific crystals & essential oils used, works to dissolve energetic blocks and aids in opening up and balancing all 7 primary chakra energy centres.

What to expect: Subtle, even powerful changes, on an energetic level helping you feel more clear, grounded & balanced in your own energy. Simply carrying with you the intention of what it is you wish to let go of and receive from the healing session, is already a creating momentum in a new & positive direction.

The thought is that the healing energy flows to where it will be of best service to kickstart and activate your own innate healing abilities, thus dissolving the root of the challenge or block. This may occur at a physical and/or emotional/mental and/or spiritual level depending on where the barrier may reside.

Crystal grid examples:

Prior to providing the Reiki, a grid layout specific to the healing intention, is placed on top of the client's abdomen or back, in addition to 1 crystal placed at or near each 7 primary chakra centres.

One crystal used in the healing session in then provided as a gift to take home with you. This way, you can continue to take with you the energy and intention of the healing session.