If there is one thing I've had a consistent love affair with the last 10 years, it is astrology. I have been studying it with such an insatiable appetite and always suspected I would become an astrology but much later in life. 


I thought I would embark on this career path in perhaps my 60's! Ha, turns out life had another plan and I will be finishing up my masters certification in astrology by this summer ... when I turn 40!


I have to admit, if there is something that really helped me get through these last few years (2nd round of spiritual awakening/dark night of the Soul), it has been coming to understand what has been going on in my chart - both my natal (what position EVERYTHING in the sky was at the moment I incarnated) and also my transits (where every planet, star and asteroid is moving now and what exact angles these placements all make with one another).


Astrology is not simply your sun, ascendant or moon sign.. it is FAR more in depth than that and an extremely intricate system with every detail based in mathematics.


The more I have learned about my own chart and transits, the more I have understood the series of events in my childhood and adult life. The more I have understood what is at play in my chart, the more empowered I have become to make wise decisions that are in alignment with the energies at play.


Also, the more I understand these profound astrological influences, the more peace I am able to make with events that have already unfolded, seeing how they actually make sense given the themes, energies and dynamics that were at play... aka pivotal soul lessons that were to be learned to assist my upward spiral (ascension) journey.


What I can say for sure, is I have never left an astrology reading without excitement and genuine optimism about my future and for that I am so grateful for coming across this ancient system. I am so eager to be able to be of service like this for others who would also benefit from this information, support and guidance.


That all said, I will be ready to offer this service to those interested by June 2024! I will be offering my first 15 clients a 50% off rate as part of my case study training. Email me to join the newsletter to be the first in the know! 

Or you can directly book your session here and use code: casestudy50 at checkout to ensure you save!

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