4th & Final Visionary Training

Hey hey pretty lady,

Okay, so as you know, I am having some obstacles with FB...

But, in a way, it is perfect as it is REALLY driving home this concept in this final training that teaches BOTH the power of making a plan for accountability but also how to HOLD THE FAITH.

In entrepreneurship, one things for sure, you will need to embrace this concept:

“I Didn’t see that coming but it doesn’t matter because somehow someway it’s still going to unfold in my favour. I believe it so”

This requires you to believe your power is intrinsic not externally sourced.

This requires you to remind yourself in the face of setback, ‘there is no outside circumstance more influential than the power that resides within me"

Where I wanna go with this is that it is important to make a plan but then if your plan doesn’t go as planned, hold the vision anyways and despite the obstacle.


SO to wrap up the 4 weeks the final challenge is to actually share your plan. Take your vision, your identity shift and larger container of possibility and actually now do the hardest part…

Bring accountability to your vision and dream.

Show yourself HOW you will bring your 3D into your 4D reality.

And as the year unfolds every time you hit an obstacle hold the vision and allow for flexibility in the face of adversity.

4th challenge #myaccountability

“To support my soulpreneur vision, how I want to be of service and for my financial desires become a reality, I am growing my social media presence via ____and selling ________by _______ and my launch plan to successfully do this is to _________. By January 2024, I expect to make _______ because of this.


Current Offerings:

  • Visionary Soulpreneurs - Business Mastermind for EVERYTHING you could ever possibly need to flourish with confidence & financial success in your biz --> applications (space is almost full) -->  offer details (mid range investment)


  • Quantum Catalyst: She Who Rises From The Ashes - This IS for those of you who desire monumental growth & momentum forward in your life! This will be starting end of Feb/ March and will not be launched publicly as I already have a handful of ladies entering it from our Visionary FB group. Let me know if you want to learn more by DMing me.   --> offer details (mid-range investment)


  • Abundant Boss Queen: Instead of being a self-study, this will be delivered via 10 livestreams inside a private FB group and STILL getting all the backend pre-recorded resources and workbooks! Let me know if you want to learn more by DMing me.   --> offer details (low-range investment)


  • VIP DAY Branding Shoot (stand alone without mastermind) Let me know if you want to learn more by DMing me.


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I LOVE YOU LADIES!! Thank you for bringing your lightbearer torches to our community!  This was my last free pop up ever and I am so happy we got to share this space.

I will leave the group open an extra few days for those who want to get their challenges in!!!!


XO Christine