PROGRAM FOR COACHES (12 Week Intensive)

This Soulpreneur Jumpstart is for you if you are a heart-driven entrepreneur in need of the exact steps needed to do what you love, launch your brand & scale your online coaching business with confidence & clarity...while skipping all the technology overwhelm!  

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Soulprenenur Jumpstart includes lifetime access to exclusive membership site, transformative modules with dozens of valuable tutorials teaching you exactly what you need to know (step-by-step and easy to follow) and specific homework/action steps to get you the major RESULTS you desire and deserve. 

This program ensures incredible momentum in your online business, including: 

  • Trainings teaching you the most essential steps in building and launching your online coaching business, including creating your signature programs & salesfunnel to sell with ease

  • 8 modules and 19 video training & tutorials 

  • Lifetime access to private membership site

  • A reliable system to ensure a consistent stream of new clients to your business every single month 

  • Step-by-step guidance the entire way

  • Countless resources, downloads & workbooks

  • 4 hours & 45 minutes total of business development trainings

This powerful course for online coaches is now available as a self-study 12 week program. It is also included in the Ultimate 3: Everything Bundle which comes with lifetime access to Elevate Your Life (17 weeks), Soulpreneur Jumpstart (12 weeks) & Abundant Boss Queen (8 weeks).

If you are interested in learning more, feel free to send me a text to 780-722-1080 or a message on my instagram (christine_nicole_coaching).

On your message please share "I am interested in Soulpreneur Jumpstart (program for online coaches) or the Ultimate 3: Everything Bundle" and I will be sure to message you back with more details.

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