GET/STAY SOBER, LIVE EPICALLY! (Group or Private for Women)

Welcome to the final training in the series of alcohol use and women. This is a replay of the recent LIVE MASTERCLASS teaching 5 ESSENTIAL STEPS to Get/Stay Sober (or Moderate) and in doing so, Live an Epic Life on YOUR TERMS with ZERO Compromise!

I share all the details on this new offer at 01:25.00


0:00:00 - Welcome & Introductions

0:04:30 - Who's This Class Is For?

0:11:45 - If We're Just Meeting

0:13:30 - Struggle Bus at 26

0:16:20 - How the Addiction Started with Alcohol

0:19:00 - Drinking Alone, Secrecy, Guilt and the Psychological Part of Addiction

0:22:45 - Rock Bottom: Trying to Better Myself While the Addiction Took Grip

0:24:20 - Cravings & Misconception That They Stay

0:26:50 - Self Loathing & Chaos

0:30:00 - Car Crash & First Attempt to Get Sober

0:31:34 - Justifying Why I Was "Safe" to Start Using Again As Long As I Adhered to "Rules"

0:34:00 - Slippery Slope of Resuming Solo Drinking

0:36:00 - Living in Hypocrisy That I Could Not Stand

0:38:00 - Biggest Flip In My Mindset To Get Sober

0:42:40 - Psychological & Physiological Parts of Alcohol Addiction

0:46:05 - 9 Myths About Booze

0:47:30 - Social Media Marketing of Booze is a LIE and Coaches Propagate FALSE Perceptions

0:50:00 - Alcohol Makes You Fat Based On How It Is Metabolized (Considering Relabelling the Bottles) 

0:56:00 - Causes Anxiety, Stress, Depression & Cognitive Decline Based On Chemical Changes in Brain

0:59:00 - Recovering From Side Effects & Being In Survival Mode

1:01:20 - 1st Essential Step: No Longer Disassociating

1:03:25 - 2nd Essential Step: Admitting There's Opportunity To Improve Relationship with Booze

1:06:00 - The "Grey Zone" of Alcohol Usage for Women (& why AA wasn't for me as it felt suited for severe addictions)

1:10:30 - 3rd Essential Step: Thinking You Can Just Quit Without Numerous Strategy Measures

1:12:22 - Gaining Inner & Outer Trigger Awareness That Causes To Urge To Use

1:15:00 - 4th Essential Step: Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind & Creating an Elevated Identity

1:18:22 - Creating a Larger Container of Possibility For Your Life (Envision Bigger)!

1:23:15 - 5th Essential Step: Transmutation Of Pain & Connecting to a Deeper Why

1:25:00 - Details on Women's Monthly Membership Details (small group setting or private 1:1 coaching) 

1:28:00 - Who Is It For, What Is Taught, How It Is Delivered & INSANE BONUSES!!

1:36:00 - Do I Have To Quit If I Join? - NO you don't!! (Let's Take The Pressure Off)

1:39:16 - More Bonus Specials Before June 21st

ps. A lot of women are sharing interest in joining the new Get/Stay Sober, Live Epically (monthly membership program for women) or 1:1 Private Coaching for ongoing support in elevating their lives. If it piques your interest too, I am sharing a lot more information, including affordable pricing, on short 15 minute calls I am taking next week!


If you would like a phone or video call to discuss,-->  let me know <-- via this short application that will help me understand you better and your desires moving forward:)


I believe in you and the change you can & will make!!


Or you can send me an email at or direct message me on Facebook or @_liveepically or @bodycherish on Instagram

XO Christine


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