If you're like me, your creative juices may have been impacted by the isolation in effect. In today's video I share what I have done to shift my energy and feel inspiration flow into my business again. Hope you enjoy!


Start Doing LIVE Videos! Bring vulnerability to your biz & exchange perfect for relatable to GROW!

I was talking with my mastermind yesterday and we were talking about FB lives. How we each confided that we ALL have some level of resistance bubble up when it comes time to hit record LIVE!


Here’s the thing, I have been doing live streams since march 2017! You’d think I’d be over the resistance but I am not LOL. You see the majority of those lives (up until February just 2.5 months ago) were always inside my private group. It had 1500 women which is A LOT less than my 5000 friends on my personal page.


So I was talking to my mastermind about my own resistance with FB lives now that they are on my personal. On my personal, more people actually know me personally which means I feel more vulnerable sharing.. almost like if everyone was a stranger it would be a lot easier.


Often it is peoples reaction to who you are now and what you are doing now.. who knew you as 1 other way 10 years ago.


I also shared how I have put a pressure on myself to only hop on a do a LIVE if I feel in “the pocket”. That means, in zone, vibing high and crystal clear on what I am inspired to riff on.


The thing with that expectation, is it shows my audience 1 facet of me (the in the pocket/in the zone facet) versus all the other facets that are different… and also RELATABLE because none of us always feel “on”


So this is what it means to really bring vulnerability back to your business. It means you give yourself


Permission to be seen - REALLY seen for who you are.


You are safe to share things you are navigating through and not always be the voice of wisdom - but the voice of relate-ability… like “ah, she gets me she is going through this too!” kinda vibe.


Sometimes entrepreneurs and mentors feel they have to always be a teacher and sharing a different more personal way would discredit them… but it doesn’t. People want to feel like they know, trust and like you and that is harder if you only present 1 single facet of yourself (the in the zone / pocket facet)


Part of being vulnerable and seen is also no longer edit yourself to make those around you comfortable who are not on same wavelength.

Yes, some (maybe a lot) will unfollow you and that is okay b/c they are not your people. BUT where the magic happens is those people who kinda liked you become magnetized to you more. You being so authentic and real (and relatable) is what tells them, yes I want to/need to work with THAT woman. She gets me.


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These pics were taken August 2014 when I just moved out (through choice!) of my brand new spacious 3 bedroom townhouse which I lived in until I was 29.⁣


Anyway, back then I worked in corporate as primary therapist & physiologist and made enough to afford the nice new house. So why did I NOT WANT it?⁣

Why was I willing to “sacrifice” my space and downsize so massively?🤔

You'd think someone entering their 30's would be wanting to upgrade to a bigger & better house🏡, not downsizing to live in a 390 square foot rental from the 1940’s!😵


Well, I had a deep desire to re-sculpt my life in such a powerful way. I wanted to not only be a financially prosperous woman, but also to become an entrepreneur. I desired FREEDOM to work for myself. I also decided I was going to become a millionaire..… so how was I going to get there?⁣


My vision for life was not about looking for a short-term quick fix to feel better (example: upgrade vehicles or house or buy new clothes).⁣⁣


My vision was all about the LONG-TERM and asking myself "what am I willing to do to achieve ALL OF MY DESIRES & have zero regrets?"⁣⁣


For me, I listed to my inner guidance that said step 1 is to become a landlord and rent out your townhouse to start growing your net worth. My inner guidance told me "find the cheapest rental & start making $ on the property you own"⁣ so I did.⁣


So when I sold all my things (because my new rental studio only had space for a kitchen table & bed!!) most of the world thought I was nuts🤪. I had people message me asking me "are you okay, what is happening to you?”⁣⁣

It doesn’t help I sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2013 that led some to suspect I really had a problem with decision making.⁣


Most people (not all) could not imagine taking such a sacrifice and living with so little - but for me, I could not imagine living the rest of my life to a lesser degree than I knew was possible for me.⁣⁣


So I lived there, in that TINY shoebox apartment for 2 years.⁣


In that time, despite lack of space, I felt more spacious, inspired and AWAKE than ever before!⁣

During that time, I built and launched my Bodycherish High Vibration Skincare🌿🌸by November 2015.⁣ Yes, the company started in that space!!!⁣

During that time, I bought a 2nd property... a luxury high-end condo… and then a 3rd property (one I eventually moved into).⁣


During that time, I also got the inspired idea to become an online mentor & program/course creator.. which lead me to quit my corporate career & launch my new business by March 2017!💗🙌🏻


You see, I grew up EXTREMELY POOR & could have easily been another statistic - but I made a decision to write myself a new story, throw a plot twist and become anything I decided to be💃🏻👊🏻


Flash forward to today, I have 3 rental properties, 3 sets of tenants, 2 separate businesses earning multiple 6 figures and most importantly, the FREEDOM I knew I had to have when I made one of the best decisions of my life (deciding to move into that tiny 390 square foot apartment).⁣⁣


Oh yes, people thought I was crazy for sure!⁣


To me, what would be crazy is STILL slaving away at a job I did not love, that was not my higher calling in life.⁣⁣


To me, what would be crazy is NOT choosing to become prosperous & struggling to make ends meet each month.⁣⁣


To me, what would be crazy is spending all my money for SHORT-TERM rewards versus keeping my eyes on the prize for where I am destined to go in life.⁣⁣


Successful entrepreneurs have 1 think in common. They take BOLD AF action that many are not comfortable taking.⁣

Entrepreneurs often go into debt to build their empires (or live very humbly) in the beginning because they 🔥believe in their dream and the long term vision that lies ahead🔥


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Hope you enjoy this video!  


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XO Christine

[Video Spotlight] REAL WOMEN, REAL RESULTS!!


7 Women Share Their Stories After Graduating Elevate Your Life!

Check out what these real & relatable women have to say about their Elevate Your Life & Mentorship experience!


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XO Christine 



I remember coming home from work feeling exhausted, depleted and wondering if there was something more to life than what I was experiencing.⁣

Part of me even felt guilty for feeling unfulfilled because I had a great paying job (by societal norms) and it took me a lot of university to get. So why couldn’t I just be grateful for it?⁣

The truth is that even though things looked "successful" I was living without any magic or sparkle in my life. I was counting down the minutes just for the weekends - so I could “take the edge off” after a stressful week. ⁣

Looking back, I also see i used it to suppress my inner guidance system which kept trying to nudge me awake so that I could “course correct” my life.

I managed to keep my inner guidance system pretty quiet for awhile.

I think that is why a lot of us feel that stir of unease (often labeled as anxiety). ⁣

Perhaps it is really just our Soul craving more & causing a bubble up of feelings. to wake us the f*k up!

This is the crossroads in life that we can ignore that feeling and try to shrug it off - drink more wine, scroll through our phones, date the wrong men & continue playing it safe. ⁣

You know, keep colouring within the lines and doing all the things the same things our friends and coworkers do.⁣

⁣I mean, we don’t want to cause any ripples in the water now do we?⁣

But for the brave and fierce lightworkers of this world, who are willing to question this off-feeling and dive a little deeper, a shift from deep inside will start to take place.⁣

A desire to experience more out of life. A desire to feel peace, joy, purpose & freedom each day.⁣

To wake up and go to bed at night feeling ease but also excitement for the day ahead.⁣

To no longer feel lost & out of alignment with your true purpose.⁣

So, where do you go from here? How do you heal and step forward into the kind of life / relationship /career you have only dreamed of?⁣

I am here to tell you with 100% certainty that there is a way. I pulled a 180 so hard in my life it is actually astonishing at times.⁣

⁣I believe I have "cracked the code" on how to get there & I know you can get here too by following a strategic sequence of steps offered in Elevate Your Life -  and by literally raising your energy to a new set point.⁣⁣

That mixed with mega mindset shifts and changes in perspective will get the ball rolling and you will become the architect of your dream lifestyle. ⁣

You will get connected and aligned to your deepest passions and purpose and once there, that is where you will feel true fulfillment.⁣

Now my question for you is, what would you be willing to do in order to experience, within a short period of time the desired life you have been craving & yearning for? ⁣⁣

The one, where you walk through life with an unwavering sense of confidence & assurance that you are in alignment with your higher purpose & exactly where you should be. ⁣

When you know you are right where you should be, anxiety and angst cannot coexist. ⁣

You feel a deep sense of trust & security within your life. Like you are being divinely guided the whole way!⁣

To have that inner voice of angst replaced with a sense of calm & ease. A trust and knowing that you are on the fast track to an extraordinary life.⁣

Feeling inspired & fulfilled is your new normal.⁣

There is so much more to share but I will save that for women interested in taking the next step and learning a bit more:-) ⁣⁣

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XO Christine 

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{New Video} 5 Powerful Ways To Make More Money & Be Of Greater Service In Your Soul Business

How To Make More Money & Be Of Greater Service In Your Soul Business. It’s time to make 2019 THE YEAR that transforms your life & business in the most deeply fulfilling way 💗🙌🏻

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Become a Soulpreneur Success Story! (new program coming summer)

Bodycherish turned 2 years old on November 1st, 2017!!

But let me tell you, well before this company became a reality, my life was in a completely different place. You see, about nearing 5 years ago my life was...really, really shitty (going through a divorce, unhealthy drinking habits, losing my house and a traumatic brain injury resulting in the loss of my smell).

It was that chaos that triggered me along my journey of self-development, exploration and most importantly SELF-LOVE. Programs, courses, workshops, you name it and I was in it. The more I invested into myself, the better my life got. I started to believe in possibilities that I never-ever even dreamed of before.

This new belief system allowed me to move forward on my inspired idea to create a high vibrational skincare line (made with the healing power of crystal essences). This idea came to me on November 15th, 2014, while in Sedona during a nature-filled road trip. Bodycherish launched 1 year later on November 1, 2015, followed by my energy healing practice in May 2016 and my empowerment coaching in March 2017.

I share this story to show you an example on how ideas CAN & WILL come to LIFE if you believe it is possible. I could have come home and brushed the idea aside and convinced myself that is was silly and too far-fetched. Thank God I did not allow my ego/fear to win because otherwise I would still be trapped in my soul-sucking corporate career and not living up to my true potential and life purpose.....and guess what?

We all have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL within us, including YOU reading this. If you are alive and breathing, you have a purpose & a reason for being here. Not only that, YOU DESERVE to feel joyful, inspired, happy and FREE!

Here's a video sharing details of the new program "Become a Soulpreneur Success" which launches summer 2018!!! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to be the first in the know when this life changing program is ready to be unleashed.