Cocoa Butter Health Benefits

One of the key ingredients in BODYCHERISH'S Organic Beauty Butters is cocoa butter and for very good reason.  Below are 3 mega-awesome reasons to use incorporate cocoa butter into your self-care & beauty regimen.

1) Radiant Skin

The high volume of antioxidants in the cocoa protect the skin from both external (environmental) and internal forces that can cause irritation or damage to the skin. These antioxidants are beneficial for the skin because they neutralize free radicals throughout the body.  Less free radicals means less oxidative stress and this means a reduction in the signs of aging, including wrinkles and age marks. Research has also shown cocoa butter to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks on the skin.

2) Anti-inflammatory

The rich blend of fatty acids and antioxidants in cocoa butter make it an ideal choice for people who want to reduce inflammation of the skin. Cocoa butter is excellent for sensitive skin and conditions including psoriasis, eczema or rashes (as these are all types of inflammation experienced within the body). Eating cocoa butter can offer the same benefit ... which is an excellent excuse to eat another piece of that dark chocolate!

3) Very impressive shelf life

Cocoa butter is a type of vegetable fat that is extracted from a cocoa bean. This particular fat is known for being highly stable compared to other fats, giving it an impressive shelf life of 2-5 years!  This mixed with the high volume of antioxidants found in cocoa butter further reduces the chances of it becoming rancid.  This is just one of the reasons BODYCHERISH Organic Beauty Butters don't spoil quickly (despite being organic and free from harsh preservatives). BODYCHERISH also uses grapefruit seed extract in each product which is a naturally derived preservative.

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Christine Nicole
Christine Nicole